Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Going for Broke

This place needs a lot of help and the City is saying once again that they 
have no money,, Go figure..

I posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram and Facebook the other night of some of the problem areas,, but had to stop because their are too many and I ran out of time.. 

The word is that today and tomorrow they are going to get out and start working on the problem areas,, the catch is they only have 4 sheets of Skatelite and that maybe just maybe they can get enough chicken scratch together in a month or two and get four more sheets..
I am hoping that my grey matter can get around an idea or two to come up with some fund raising efforts and get this stuff fixed,,,, make it safe for the kids... 

And the old guys who like to Play!!

This is coming out

in May and has been getting much hype as bits have been getting filmed for a 
while now.. Should be a good one.. 

These guys are going to be back at it also ,, with some new footage,,
I know that i have shown this before but it is too much fun.. 

In closing

The wind has been blowing making for some interesting bike riding,, 
but head down and pushing through I will continue to ride and smile. 
Don't Call it A Come Back..
I never Left..

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