Wednesday, March 11, 2015

StarBelly Sneetche

Mondays attempt at a meaningful post was a bit of a cop-out,, but then again I was
dealing with a waterpark hangover and a kankle at was slowing me down.. 

Last night I noticed that it has started to change colors so we are on the mend..
With the super nice for March weather I was once again out coaching the boy as he rolled around on his Sk8 toy and even managed to push around myself.
My goal is a simple one get as healed up as I can with out anymore tissue damage so 
when I get to Arizona I can play on both the bike and the rollerboard. 

My partner in Crime is ready to go,, and the rumor is that we 
may even be able to roll around the local 
park one of these super sunny evenings..


Now for your Wednesday dose of I wish I was young like these guys,,, this kid Ben
is a full on nut and skates some crazy lines,,
he is fun to watch..

The last Kid Ben skates for this kids Dad's Company,, 
This nut does not fall far from the tree and 
as he grows only gets more and more rad,,
It is a shame I can't help my little ripper like Papa Hawk did for

I leave you with this,,, skating in the Garage this came over the speakers,, and 
the  first thing the boy said was " huh sounds like the California Uber Alles band ?"
Smart kid,, 
Music in the 80's seemed to have a bit more meaning than what you hear today.

Now get out enjoy the weather 
and get your wheels Rolling,,..

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