Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wheels go RoUnd and rOuNd

The internet blew up yesterday when Shane O'Neill's new edit dropped on
the Thrasher website.. 
He has been know for skating some unreal lines and he has at times been
called video game like,, 
Last year he gave us this...

But as shoe clips go the TNT SG is by far one of the best..
This Anti Hero rips apart his home turf of San Francisco..
Oh yea and he sk8's for Vans.. 

That is all I have for shoe commercials..

Very Creative,,

We had a member of the cycling family get into a nasty snowboard
wreck the other day.
Perry Jewett
is a stand up guy who does a lot for the cycling world and 
his cycling community in Spearfish South Dakota.
Perry the creator of the Dakota 5-0 busted his pelvis up pretty 
bad and had to be not only be flown to Denver but went through 5 hours of surgery.
Helicopter flights suck and he is going to be laid up for a while..
If you have ever done his race or rode his trails make sure you drop him a line and 
wish him a speedy recovery.
Here is a clip for 2008 it was the year that I made it out to Do his race..
There is even a gimps of a old washed up bike racer at one minute ten seconds into the video..

I have been trying to explain to the boy about Rock bands and Punk bands how how from time to time they unplug and play the same music but just a touch different.
This here is one of the best examples that I have had to show 

Sit back enjoi and get your Hump Day started.
And Jam Econo.. 

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