Friday, March 13, 2015

I aM wHaT I sAy I Am

It is hard to be awesome twenty four seven,, three sixty five,, but this old sack of bones does what he can and how he can..
The body is still in the process of getting better and healing from all the 
recent ailments,, not at 100% yet bet getting better..
The color in my kankle is starting to go back to it normal flesh tones and
rolling around on the sk8toy is not overly pain full.

The boy and I loaded up the Rav and headed over to Back River Falls yesterday afternoon to 
meet the skate crew and rip their little park..
I had called the parks director earlier in day asking to see if the snow had cleared and if the park was skateable which he assured me that it should be and mentioned he would check and get back with me..

I never heard back and the boy and the boyz were all itching get over there and give it a ago so I 
said WTF..   It is a quick drive and we do it a bunch to either ski or go and pedal Levis Mound and were at the spot before we knew it.. For the most part it was dry just had to put up with a bit of moisture smack dab in the middle of the bowl,,, which both the Rocket and I were hoping to ride. 
But we found other lines and watched the pro kids kill it as they always do..
Again just another day in the pursuit of being awesome. 

It feels so good riding outside after months of indoor riding..
The weather has been so nice the past few days I was able to 
get out on the shifting road bike and do some Arizona practice..
And again so nice that I was able to ride with out gloves,, a hat and 
even went out in shorts.
I snapped this photo after climbing one of tougher hills by the house 
and was just so happy to be out in the sunshine.

I got home posted the photo,, along with another one tagging some sponsors 
and just being so damn happy to be out on the bike and not the broken man that I was last 

Later that evening my phone makes a noise and lets me know that my photo has been shared?
So I pop on the facebook and find that yes it has and it was sent from an acquaintance to 
a friend with the caption,, something like I guess spring has sprung?
Offline I contacted both the sender and the receiver,, the one who had the photo posted to his page said he had no idea what the point was and had taken it down once he saw it,, and I never heard from the sender.
Now let me say  I was not offended or  upset,, or lost any sleep.. I put my self out there 
I am an open book,, I post a lot of pictures and content for my self and for my family and for my Sponsors.
I have been before and sure I will again be the butt of jokes from particular groups with in the close-nit cycling community.. Jabs have been made for phots taken of my self riding or pictures of my bikes,,, I have been poked at for tagging sponsors and mentioning those who continue to support me and my cycling life. 
I will not stop being who I am and will not stop doing what I do,,, if you have issues with my
internet profile,, You can step up and speak to me like the grown men that we are,, or you can just stop looking at what it is I have to say..
I am proud of what I have become and where I come from and where it is that I am going. 
So with that said H8ters are going to hate and that is just the fuel to all the Winners in the world. 
The internet is a tool and should only be used for good,, and it gets ruined when  
asshats click send.. 

And in closing today a beer gets poured on the curb for our Internet 
Hero Stevil from All Hail the Black Market..
Our man messed up his knee riding his bike the other day and 
is going to be laid up for a while..
Get healed up and 
before you know it you will be back at the art of Slappy's..

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