Thursday, May 31, 2012

Works in Progressive

Preparation, execution, reflection..... Three things that coach has been working on with me to make sure my head is in the right place when it comes go time.  This season starting back in November I started working with an old friend who raced the national circuit a few years back. I knew that his knowledge and  experience would be able to help me get ready for the the things to come, and to get closer to the goals that I have created for my self.  The biggest thing that he help me with was my off season program. More than anything strength training and the mental conditioning that is needed to race a bike at a high level for months on end. I approached this season not so much focused on volume as on quality and working harder on recovery and rest. Both recovery and rest can be hard for me as I do suffer from cycling-spasim.. If it is day time and I have the time I am on my bike and riding. Some days recovery and rest are planed others it is forced by weather or by forces that I can not control. The place that I am happiest aside from here with my family is riding my bike, even if it is over the same sections of pavement or wooded single track.
  With all the work that has been put in... so far so good. Most of my events have ended right about where I wanted them. Yes their could always be better results but trying not to be so result driven.  Talking with Steve Mathews yesterday the president of Paceline Products the good people that make Chamois Butt'r  we spoke of this same principal. Yes sponsors would love to see you on the top step of the podium with their product and or logo in tow, but as a representative of the  brand their is so much more that you can offer. They want their product seen and want it represented by good honest people that are not only using it but giving back to the sport,, again what it is really about is getting more and more people on bikes. We can all agree that this would be a better world if more and more people rode bikes,,,any bike,, no matter what.
2004 Mountain Bike Little League
  Wheels are moving and positive vibes are sent,, and people are responding to the messages given. My family is spinning and grinning and their excitement for the sport has never been greater,,and it is overflowing to the surrounding community. The concept of Preparation, Execution, and Reflection, work not only to get a racer ready for what they are going to do to them self but also help with getting the world moving in the right direction,,,,on Two wheels.  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Wet Noodle

As the weekend comes to an end I can look back and say that it was all fun and non-sense any way.
It was a four day break with the boys b day and our anniversary the three of us headed up to the great north woods for some R&R.. The pip had way to much going on she said and could not join us.
Got to the Reel-living-Resort under full sunshine and set up camp. Headed down to the Lake for some good old fishing. The gimmick pole I got broke under the weight of a 2 oz sunfish.. Did not matter as James had made tons of friends and was off.
 Campfire and brats capped off a good birthday for the boy and a great day for all,, I even managed to land a good size Bass,, which would have been good eats if it had been bass season.
Saturday brought good breakfast and some fishing and then packed up the Spot,, and headed out to ride some Hayward singletrack. The forecast had called for  rain all day but since I had not seen any yet and had no contact with the internet I headed out on the trail. Two miles in and I started to feel some sprinkles,, but with the dense canopy I was staying dry and the trail was riding stellar. I could seen the signs of the early warm weather.. The same trail ridden on the same days last year had all the wildflowers starting to wither. Last year the trail was in full bloom and bright white. The deeper and deeper I got the more and more the rain started to come through the leaves above. Some where around five miles out from Cty OO the trees no longer held back the rain. From here on out I down shifted and took the trail much slower,, the same trail that the year before I was carving and flowing like water down a flume was now being ridden much slower and careful like.  I made it OO hoping to see Anna waiting with no luck there I headed out on the road and now was soaked to the bone. Head down and moving I hit 77 and kept pushing on. Rain was pounding and I ate some food and a 2nd surge shot and I was singing in the rain. With one mile left before getting to the camp site I found Anna and the car coming to find me.  Back at the camper I was so happy to have a camper,, dressed in some winter like clothes and a cold beer in hand recovery from being so damn wet did not take long.
More fishing and then a shit tone more rain and we made it through the evening. Sunday morning we heard that more nasty weather was on the way.. I can pack the camper up super quick and we were on our way home..
 Today was some great singletrack riding here at home and yard work.. Anna has a new Perennial garden in the back yard which is great less mowing for me. Beer dinner and watching fishing on TV.. Before I know it will be 5:30 and time for the Emag train,, Then work,,,then more singletrack.
Mankato is sunday and I need to make up for the crash at Afton.. With hard work will come great results. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

man dOwn

Went Mountain Bike Riding with a fun group of guys last night,,, the only down side was 10 minutes into the ride Tommy-boy found the ground. I did not see what happened as it was all behind me. We were heading to the bear trail riding along the edge of the Quarry,, Tom and I started to pull away from the group on this slight down hill, I think he was having fun du to the fact that he has been working a bunch and not riding,, I announced the left turn and ground up the slight up through the now over grown open field and stopped to get my camera out and no one was coming.. I gave it another second or two and turned around and headed back to find the group all looking down at the ground.
Tom lay on the ground gasping for air,, after crashing to the ground from the air that he caught.  He said he was on my wheel looking at my tire and missed the sharp edge of the trail,, word has it that he rode an endo for a good 10 feet before getting bucked up and over the bars.   With his wits somewhat with him we walked him out and called for Frenchy to get him down the hill..
Word has it that he broke his collar bone and two ribs..  I could have been much worse had he been anywhere near rocks or trees I have to say he found the best place to go down and at 25+ mile speeds we were all happy to see him walk out.
Heal up Tommy-boy and well spin again sometime soon..

Monday, May 21, 2012

Metal Furry

A full weekend was had by the Currchiando family,,, yep that is Curran and Marchiando all in one ,,,it kind of works.  It was a simple plan,,, head to the cities and hang out with the Henderson's and let James get to play at the Mall Of America.. Then sleep... Then race bikes..
  It all worked pretty darn well,, dropped the boy and anna off and the Pip and I headed to Leb to meet the Woods..  Got to the trail head and bumped in to Brent Mr Twin Six himself.. Sophia got to meet one of the two brains and thank him for the Team Kit and getting to be Metal this season. Headed out with Jay and Kwood and rode some of the new easy loop with the pump track and other objects.  Fun fun stuff the Pip was grinning from ear to ear and asking to live in the Cities which I quickly said no to..
Got the family all back together and checked in to the Hotel, swam and chilled out hard core.. Plan from here was to meet up with Jay and go find Kwood at work and eat some food.
Went to Burger Jones Ate some unreal cheese curds and green chili cheese burger,, belly's were full and happy birthday was had..

 Followed Jay to the shop so the family could see the new place.. Anna and James got to see the State champion trophy and check out all the years of photos and jerseys.. Jay showed off the new spot and gave a tour of what is to become the hottest new shop in the 612 area code. Hwood even had some new secret weapons that the kid and I are trying to figure out how to get on.. Just another piece to the puzzle.

Sunday morning comes and it came with some rain and fog and mist, not the weather we were looking for seeing as we were going to go bike racing.

 After getting warmed up and called up I stood on the line with the who's who of Fast Minnesota Mountain Bike racing.  At go we were off the line heading across the grass heading up the small hill and out to the fire road before the first big climb. This section was wet soggy wet,, and things slowly got dry as we hit the climb.. First section with the Plastic Egg Cartons was slick and the group was moving it was tricky to keep the wheel on the ground here,, Kept charging before the respite under the chair lifts, before heading up Shady Lane. Again right where I wanted to be riding strong and feeling good. First lap was pretty uneventful some jockeying around for position and i was content to sit and find my rhythm. Second lap started and again was felling pretty good slipped one spot but kept the rider in site. With Dace O chasing and me charging I entered a corner on the low side and as I came through I high side and got a little loose,,,,,, Next thing I know I am off the bike and hugging a small tree. As much as that hurt it saved me from what could have happened which would have been ass over tea kettle down the hill.. Dave flys by and I collect my self.. Not thing body or bike broken as far as I could tell shifting was messed up.. I looked down to see my hanger was twisted and now I am not shifting missing gears and pretty damn sore.  I put my head down and just kept on charging... From here on out it was all about finishing and riding as strong as I could. Some where in lap three I was joined by two riders from Mankato who were riding strong and I hung on the best I could.. At the start of lap four the passed me flying and i was content to solider on. In the space of the lap I managed to get around one of the riders and caught to the other and worked with him until the last mile or so. Made as pass as his legs shut down and I was stuck in my 15 tooth,,standing and grinding.. Once I realized I was not going to get passed i shut it down and coasted in to the finish.
Crossed the line in 8th place loosing 3 or so spots with the crash,, but once I cleaned my self up I was pretty happy with the way it all worked out.  Body rode well and the bike before and for what it is worth after the crash both did really well. I am happy with all the work that I have put in now just need to put it all together.  All my kinds sponsors and family put a lot of time and energy in to me  
and I am very thankful to have the support that I do,,, I could not do it with out them Thanks,,,
And to top off the day the Pip crossed the line in third scoring a spot on the podium and some cash in had,, good job kid more hard work and you will be on top..

Friday, May 18, 2012

SpEeD LuMp

My remembrance of the time line is not very good but it was some time about seven years ago we were down in Scottsdale doing some spring riding and getting away from the High Country snow. Coming home from a ride I reached back to adjust my helmet and felt a lump on the back of my head. It sat just below the retention strap on my Rudy Project lid. At the time did not think much of it and just lived with it. Being that I could not see it,,, it was no big deal to me. Some time after that I had one of Anna's doctors at her work remove it. And for a good long time it was gone "out of site out of mind."
 It managed to start growing back, and as far as I knew it was just a fat deposit or a a Lipoma nothing cancer like but just a lump on my head. The second coming of my lump it came back bigger and better,, again just under my helmet which is why the docs think it was there in the first place. One doctor told me I wear a helmet too much.  Funny.  Again I can't see it and for the most part it was not bugging me I knew it was there and from time to time could feel a headache there. Last fall while celebrating the State Championship that the Hollywood team won I saw a picture of the back of my head and was blown away on the size... then this spring at an after race party I had someone come and ask me what the heck was on the back of my head.              This was a sign that it was time to get it off and maybe even shave some climbing weight.. Ha ha..

  So yesterday that is what I did,, went into the Mayo and doc took a look and said we can get that out.. Just under an hour on the table,,, would have liked to have been a massage instead. But he was able to dig it out and I mean dig it out.. He had me pretty numb but from time to time he would hit a nerve and cause some interesting pains to jump through my noodle.  At one point and time I asked if I was drooling and they lifted the cover to find me in a pool of blood,,,,"No one makes me bleed my own blood".  They offered me some heavy drugs for pain but I opted for Ibuprofen and Leinenkugle's.

   Now with this all taken care it is time to get things ready for some fast hard racing at Afton Alps this weekend. Family is going to load up in the truckster and head north to the Cities do some riding and chilling out with the Hwood team,, then line up sunday for 4000 feet of climbing.  I had a real good work out before surgery yesterday,, hammering the bike trough the short track course. Bike and body are both riding really well,, the question is going to be how will they both fair when put under the pressure of racing. Not to worried about placing a helmet on my wound,, I figure the rest of my body is going to be in enough pain to not notice the incision in my cranium.  Line up take a deep breath and PARTY ON!! 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crown King

Bikes are getting ridden and the sun has been shining,, so things are pretty good here in the 608. Yesterdays impromptu road ride was refreshing,, nice miles and full sun warmth.. I get home and  have the man in brown show up at the door, with a box of goodies.. These sweet hubs are going to be laced up into some Hed wheels by Hwood,, they are going to make riding the road so much better.. Timmer gave me the rundown on what it means to run a 23mm road rim. Lower pressure and a softer ride. I can't wait... Taking them up to the boss this weekend as we are making a weekend out of the the Afton race.
  I had to force my self out of bed this morning to do the Emag ride. Need to meet the group by 5:30 and so awesome that the sun was already on it's way up.. Good group of the normal fast guys,, strong guys and the guys who just love to ride the bike.  More than anything for me it was all about just getting out and riding and pushing it when it was needed to be pushed. to work got through another day of working on crappy made house hold appliances,,and home..
 Second goal of the day was to ride the dirt and feel the wind in my stubbly hair,.  The mountain bike was the right tool for the afternoon.. I have been falling in love with riding more and more single track.. Went up and worked the same section that I was riding on sunday climbing hills and descending the my favorite section of perfect trail up on the hill.
For what it is worth it was a good day for bike and a better day for riding them... If i could quit my day job tomorrow and only work my real job,, life would be that much more awesome.
Wake up Ride Bikes Be Awesome.. Yep Just like that !!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

PaleAle Rider

Putting the finishing touches on the race rig and getting both body and mind ready for some hard racing next weekend.  I found some solace late in the week with a good longer day on thursday.. A good spin into work as the sun rose over the bluffs and I was there to meet it.. And with the prolonged slow down at work I was able to get two more hours in before my parent duties set in.  I have for what it is worth excised my demons from last sundays failed Crit experiment.  The over all thought is I was doing to much and with my alter ego of SURGE taking over I was flat when I needed to be on the gas.
Today with AnnA in New Mex I got up and rode the single track early and worked on as may climbs at or just under 80%. It was another unreal day on the trails with both bike and body responding to what was they were asked to do... The goal for tomorrow is more of the same but more in the afternoon so I can wake up and watch bike racing from Europe.
 Had the Pip call me this afternoon while she was riding asking if there was a way to tighten down her brakes? Asked her what was wrong and she said that she wasn't stopping.. After a few questions I found the problem to be a the seal on the outer leg on the non drive had come off and pissed oil on the caliper.
Easy fix done it a number of times it was one of Mavericks reoccurring issues.
Going to be strange with no mom here for mothers day but I think that we will find stuff to do,,, need to come up with some thing special for momma for when she gets back from the Land of Entrapment.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I can't shake this flat feeling that I am fighting through this week. A bit of let down and mental funk is causing me to not have the crank turning ability that I want. Coach wanted me to put together a big week but as I have asked for I think that I need a Redo. This week has gotten away from me and with Anna going to New Mex this weekend may just be a maintenance weekend, and get back after it on monday in prep for the race on the 20th at Afton. I am going to slip out here soon and ride some singletrack to work,, going to practice the concept of Drift-less and ride more.  Speaking of Practice the HPT crew started a youth cycling group,,, last night was the  first launch of that group.. James had fun till they wanted to go around again.. One lap Curran,,, kind of like is sister used to be one run curran.
My turn out for short track racing was a fail,, and my work out did not happen dealing with the kids and the transport of bikes,,,, But I will slather up here in a minute with some Warm Embro and head out into the 42 degree bluebird morning and spin and grin.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Felling really tired,,,and yesterday day I was just down right grumpy,,, Not 100% sure why sometimes I think life is like a box of sample beer your buddy brings over,, but he does not like beer so you are not sure what you are going to end up with.  I know that I was grumpy and frustrated with my Road Wheel failure, and the fact that some in the area enjoy making fun of my current road bike,,, Stupid I know just gets old after a while. I am  a working man..... Blue Collar racer with kids job etc,,, they can all suck it.. And still pretty damn piss that the weather took such a turn and mtb racing was not in cards on sunday.. Yes I know if I was a Real racer I would have gone and raced in the mud but here again I have spent the past two summer rebuilding bikes from mud races.
 I found some peace and quite on the back of my Mountain Bike after dinner,, it was at least clean as I did not race it on suday,, Doing laps up around the quarry as the sun was going down was good for the head.  Gave me time to think and be thankful for what I have,, Coach said that he heard to many negatives coming out of me on the phone the other day so I thought about the good stuff,, and the progress that has been made in the season with fitness and other things to come.. More parts are on the way to fix the wheel problem and MN racing starts in two weeks,, and to top it off the Chamois Buttr crew has offered to fly me out to the big show in the desert in September.. I just need to chill and put this weekend behind me,, give a big old middle digit to the official that was  on my case for some stripes on my jersey and get ready for what is come.. Preparation Execution Reflection..   More of the the first two and less of the last,,, Go fast have Fun and Party On.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I am in the midst of a Trauma,,leave a message and I'll call you back,,,,,,,,, Off the good day on the bike last sunday I spent the week getting ready for the first WORS race of the season... A great course that I can close my eyes and go turn by turn on.  Woke this morning with a text from my carpool buddy telling me to look at the weather.. I could hear it over the house as it poured rain and the wind blew and blew.  So with dirt racing off the days plans it was time to come up with something else. With the Road Racing here in town I decided to line up for the master 35+123 race. First things first was getting the Vittoria 28's off and a new set of 25's on.  As this was getting done I look at the rear wheel only to find 4 eyelets cracked... So now both my front and rear wheel are shot.... Great,,pissed and spiraling in to a rant of curse words I robbed the rear wheel off the kids road bike and continued with the work at hand.
Bike was ready and I was ready so I spun the 7 miles down to the race and gave the people my money and got ready.  Field was not huge 30 or so some folks that I raced with before and others that I have not.  Now this is the third crit that I have done in my 11 years of bike racing,, my goal was to sit in and see what happened... Right off the start small attacks were going off,, I fought and worked to stay up front and make sure that i did not get left out... As breaks happened guys would yell stuff that sounded like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,atkje3htkathkaethk to me i just kept trying to make sure that I was not left out,,, Bridged some gaps chased down some attacks and I was doing to much.... A split start to occur and I could not bridge the gap,,,,as the next group came up I had nothing and shit the bed,,,, could not latch on... That was it... 40 minutes into a 60 minute race and I was flat.  Rode the lap of shame and stopped and grabbed my stuff... After as the racing was finishing stopped to talk with some of the local folks and got heckled and made fun of for the gear attached to my bike... Yep I know I am part of an elitist sport and mine does not look like theirs.. Oh well Indian not the arrow. I know what I did wrong and I know what I need to work on.. Their are two weeks until the first MN race and I am going to be ready,,, ready to show that this old man can go fast and can ride a bike.. The icing on the cake was after when the USA cycling official came over and asked me about the rainbow stripes on my kit.....I told him the story and he said that   had i finished that I would have been DQ-ed.... 35 bucks in the crapper,,,this will not happen again... Rules to live by Ride with Pride and Party ON!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

rOcKeT mAn

Race week preparations,,  making sure that the bike and body are dialed for the pain that will come on saturday.. It has been an interesting weather week and again I play weather watcher so I can plan on what to expect on sunday. Coming off what I feel was a good effort on Sunday in Iowa I think that I am ready for what is to come,,, I know the course at Iola well having raced some 5 times there which makes for 20+ laps..  I am not freaking out about doing crazy blocks of intervals or trapezoids or weird shit like that. Nope now it is all about the work that has been done and it is time to execute.    I have been riding with my roommates the people that don't pay rent and eat all my food.
Tuesday night I went riding with the Pip and we rode some of the newer trails that have been uncovered and linked up other trails in the system and just had a good time.
Last night I took the Rocket up to the trail head and we rode all the upper stuff seeing that the lower trails would be wet.. He rode super well and had a blast... He even got to lead a small group around the trials and managed to talk the whole time that he did it..

So the play ride......have fun..... get it done....
Preparation.. Execution.... Reflection...