Saturday, May 12, 2012

PaleAle Rider

Putting the finishing touches on the race rig and getting both body and mind ready for some hard racing next weekend.  I found some solace late in the week with a good longer day on thursday.. A good spin into work as the sun rose over the bluffs and I was there to meet it.. And with the prolonged slow down at work I was able to get two more hours in before my parent duties set in.  I have for what it is worth excised my demons from last sundays failed Crit experiment.  The over all thought is I was doing to much and with my alter ego of SURGE taking over I was flat when I needed to be on the gas.
Today with AnnA in New Mex I got up and rode the single track early and worked on as may climbs at or just under 80%. It was another unreal day on the trails with both bike and body responding to what was they were asked to do... The goal for tomorrow is more of the same but more in the afternoon so I can wake up and watch bike racing from Europe.
 Had the Pip call me this afternoon while she was riding asking if there was a way to tighten down her brakes? Asked her what was wrong and she said that she wasn't stopping.. After a few questions I found the problem to be a the seal on the outer leg on the non drive had come off and pissed oil on the caliper.
Easy fix done it a number of times it was one of Mavericks reoccurring issues.
Going to be strange with no mom here for mothers day but I think that we will find stuff to do,,, need to come up with some thing special for momma for when she gets back from the Land of Entrapment.

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