Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Felling really tired,,,and yesterday day I was just down right grumpy,,, Not 100% sure why sometimes I think life is like a box of sample beer your buddy brings over,, but he does not like beer so you are not sure what you are going to end up with.  I know that I was grumpy and frustrated with my Road Wheel failure, and the fact that some in the area enjoy making fun of my current road bike,,, Stupid I know just gets old after a while. I am  a working man..... Blue Collar racer with kids job etc,,, they can all suck it.. And still pretty damn piss that the weather took such a turn and mtb racing was not in cards on sunday.. Yes I know if I was a Real racer I would have gone and raced in the mud but here again I have spent the past two summer rebuilding bikes from mud races.
 I found some peace and quite on the back of my Mountain Bike after dinner,, it was at least clean as I did not race it on suday,, Doing laps up around the quarry as the sun was going down was good for the head.  Gave me time to think and be thankful for what I have,, Coach said that he heard to many negatives coming out of me on the phone the other day so I thought about the good stuff,, and the progress that has been made in the season with fitness and other things to come.. More parts are on the way to fix the wheel problem and MN racing starts in two weeks,, and to top it off the Chamois Buttr crew has offered to fly me out to the big show in the desert in September.. I just need to chill and put this weekend behind me,, give a big old middle digit to the official that was  on my case for some stripes on my jersey and get ready for what is come.. Preparation Execution Reflection..   More of the the first two and less of the last,,, Go fast have Fun and Party On.

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