Thursday, May 3, 2012

rOcKeT mAn

Race week preparations,,  making sure that the bike and body are dialed for the pain that will come on saturday.. It has been an interesting weather week and again I play weather watcher so I can plan on what to expect on sunday. Coming off what I feel was a good effort on Sunday in Iowa I think that I am ready for what is to come,,, I know the course at Iola well having raced some 5 times there which makes for 20+ laps..  I am not freaking out about doing crazy blocks of intervals or trapezoids or weird shit like that. Nope now it is all about the work that has been done and it is time to execute.    I have been riding with my roommates the people that don't pay rent and eat all my food.
Tuesday night I went riding with the Pip and we rode some of the newer trails that have been uncovered and linked up other trails in the system and just had a good time.
Last night I took the Rocket up to the trail head and we rode all the upper stuff seeing that the lower trails would be wet.. He rode super well and had a blast... He even got to lead a small group around the trials and managed to talk the whole time that he did it..

So the play ride......have fun..... get it done....
Preparation.. Execution.... Reflection...

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