Sunday, May 6, 2012


I am in the midst of a Trauma,,leave a message and I'll call you back,,,,,,,,, Off the good day on the bike last sunday I spent the week getting ready for the first WORS race of the season... A great course that I can close my eyes and go turn by turn on.  Woke this morning with a text from my carpool buddy telling me to look at the weather.. I could hear it over the house as it poured rain and the wind blew and blew.  So with dirt racing off the days plans it was time to come up with something else. With the Road Racing here in town I decided to line up for the master 35+123 race. First things first was getting the Vittoria 28's off and a new set of 25's on.  As this was getting done I look at the rear wheel only to find 4 eyelets cracked... So now both my front and rear wheel are shot.... Great,,pissed and spiraling in to a rant of curse words I robbed the rear wheel off the kids road bike and continued with the work at hand.
Bike was ready and I was ready so I spun the 7 miles down to the race and gave the people my money and got ready.  Field was not huge 30 or so some folks that I raced with before and others that I have not.  Now this is the third crit that I have done in my 11 years of bike racing,, my goal was to sit in and see what happened... Right off the start small attacks were going off,, I fought and worked to stay up front and make sure that i did not get left out... As breaks happened guys would yell stuff that sounded like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,atkje3htkathkaethk to me i just kept trying to make sure that I was not left out,,, Bridged some gaps chased down some attacks and I was doing to much.... A split start to occur and I could not bridge the gap,,,,as the next group came up I had nothing and shit the bed,,,, could not latch on... That was it... 40 minutes into a 60 minute race and I was flat.  Rode the lap of shame and stopped and grabbed my stuff... After as the racing was finishing stopped to talk with some of the local folks and got heckled and made fun of for the gear attached to my bike... Yep I know I am part of an elitist sport and mine does not look like theirs.. Oh well Indian not the arrow. I know what I did wrong and I know what I need to work on.. Their are two weeks until the first MN race and I am going to be ready,,, ready to show that this old man can go fast and can ride a bike.. The icing on the cake was after when the USA cycling official came over and asked me about the rainbow stripes on my kit.....I told him the story and he said that   had i finished that I would have been DQ-ed.... 35 bucks in the crapper,,,this will not happen again... Rules to live by Ride with Pride and Party ON!!!!

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  1. The official said that he would have DQ'd you for rainbow stripes? No wonder USAC is dying....

    If I was an attorney, I would form a team of gay bikers and put rainbow stripes all over their kits.....that subsequent lawsuit for discrimination would be my retirement, and probably kill finish USAC off for good. LOL