Monday, May 28, 2012

Wet Noodle

As the weekend comes to an end I can look back and say that it was all fun and non-sense any way.
It was a four day break with the boys b day and our anniversary the three of us headed up to the great north woods for some R&R.. The pip had way to much going on she said and could not join us.
Got to the Reel-living-Resort under full sunshine and set up camp. Headed down to the Lake for some good old fishing. The gimmick pole I got broke under the weight of a 2 oz sunfish.. Did not matter as James had made tons of friends and was off.
 Campfire and brats capped off a good birthday for the boy and a great day for all,, I even managed to land a good size Bass,, which would have been good eats if it had been bass season.
Saturday brought good breakfast and some fishing and then packed up the Spot,, and headed out to ride some Hayward singletrack. The forecast had called for  rain all day but since I had not seen any yet and had no contact with the internet I headed out on the trail. Two miles in and I started to feel some sprinkles,, but with the dense canopy I was staying dry and the trail was riding stellar. I could seen the signs of the early warm weather.. The same trail ridden on the same days last year had all the wildflowers starting to wither. Last year the trail was in full bloom and bright white. The deeper and deeper I got the more and more the rain started to come through the leaves above. Some where around five miles out from Cty OO the trees no longer held back the rain. From here on out I down shifted and took the trail much slower,, the same trail that the year before I was carving and flowing like water down a flume was now being ridden much slower and careful like.  I made it OO hoping to see Anna waiting with no luck there I headed out on the road and now was soaked to the bone. Head down and moving I hit 77 and kept pushing on. Rain was pounding and I ate some food and a 2nd surge shot and I was singing in the rain. With one mile left before getting to the camp site I found Anna and the car coming to find me.  Back at the camper I was so happy to have a camper,, dressed in some winter like clothes and a cold beer in hand recovery from being so damn wet did not take long.
More fishing and then a shit tone more rain and we made it through the evening. Sunday morning we heard that more nasty weather was on the way.. I can pack the camper up super quick and we were on our way home..
 Today was some great singletrack riding here at home and yard work.. Anna has a new Perennial garden in the back yard which is great less mowing for me. Beer dinner and watching fishing on TV.. Before I know it will be 5:30 and time for the Emag train,, Then work,,,then more singletrack.
Mankato is sunday and I need to make up for the crash at Afton.. With hard work will come great results. 

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