Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crown King

Bikes are getting ridden and the sun has been shining,, so things are pretty good here in the 608. Yesterdays impromptu road ride was refreshing,, nice miles and full sun warmth.. I get home and  have the man in brown show up at the door, with a box of goodies.. These sweet hubs are going to be laced up into some Hed wheels by Hwood,, they are going to make riding the road so much better.. Timmer gave me the rundown on what it means to run a 23mm road rim. Lower pressure and a softer ride. I can't wait... Taking them up to the boss this weekend as we are making a weekend out of the the Afton race.
  I had to force my self out of bed this morning to do the Emag ride. Need to meet the group by 5:30 and so awesome that the sun was already on it's way up.. Good group of the normal fast guys,, strong guys and the guys who just love to ride the bike.  More than anything for me it was all about just getting out and riding and pushing it when it was needed to be pushed.   Home......food .....off to work got through another day of working on crappy made house hold appliances,,and home..
 Second goal of the day was to ride the dirt and feel the wind in my stubbly hair,.  The mountain bike was the right tool for the afternoon.. I have been falling in love with riding more and more single track.. Went up and worked the same section that I was riding on sunday climbing hills and descending the my favorite section of perfect trail up on the hill.
For what it is worth it was a good day for bike and a better day for riding them... If i could quit my day job tomorrow and only work my real job,, life would be that much more awesome.
Wake up Ride Bikes Be Awesome.. Yep Just like that !!

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