Friday, January 23, 2015

Step Off

A solid session at the Indoor last night was just what I needed and a great break from 
the inside torture chamber and riding rollers. 
It was good,, I stayed up right while dialing in some tricks that I have been working on along with learning some new moves,, but it was the boy who was on fire. 
I am not sure if it was the Dew or the cheers from all the guys on the 
deck but he was pushing it. 
He started off the night working on some flat land and managed to learn 
some backside 180 ollies then took him self to the 
mini and started working on his 50-50 stalls. 
After the first two were close he nailed on and the smile across his face was crazy. 

This guy here explains how to do the trick but I can't understand a thing that he says.. 
Regardless as the evening went on the Rocket was able to 
grind a few and even had a few good diggers off the lip.
He was on fire so much he took him self to the 5 footer and rode with the big dogs.. 

Here is a clip of the big dogs from their trip to Creme City..
It is great that he has guys like this to look up to as 
they skate in ways that this old guy just can't yet..
I am working on it but at the same time as I still heal I need
to remember that I need to be able to walk the next day..

And I need to be able to hide in the basement and try to 
ride like this guy..

As this Friday rolls on time to drink more and more coffee...
I have a tough fix today,, a Evap Compressor and Heat Exchanger all
going into an under the counter Sub Zero..
By Far the toughest thing that I will
do all Spring.
Bring on the weekend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fist full of Nada

I don't have much in the way of words today that will 
mean much of anything so I give you 

Something old some thing Gnarly

Something Loud

And something for the rest of us..

Monday, January 19, 2015

Keys in my hand

I hate watching weekends go by so fast but they always seem to fly by.
I really enjoyed my self this weekend starting off 
with a Friday afternoon session with 
the boy at the indoor
then straight into 
What can you make for dinner with these three ingredients. 
And all I did was win.

After getting all jazzed up saturday morning with this new coffee contraption 
I was off to the Garage workshop to get 
bikes ready for some riding.
Got the New Time pedals installed on the Nature Boy and fiddled 
with my old set of race blade fenders making it so I would not get all muddy with road slime.
Bike was set supersuit was on and out the door I went. 
Now I know that no one cares that you singlespeed and nor do I 
so  the fact that I was out riding on one really means nothing to you just me. 
But I really find that this time of the year it is such a good way to squeeze in every inch of 
work that you can into a ride. 

This one was no different,,, quite roads and a hill and a half to wake up the 
Still for what ever reason not riding with music in my ears just in my head. 
Not sure if or when this may change.. I have been riding with out ever since 
my digger at the shitwamogen. 
All said and done the fenders were not needed and if not the 
grumble in my gut probably would have kept on going. 
I felt so good to be out of the dungeon and pedaling and really getting somewhere.

Sunday was super mellow as I waited for the garage to dry out. 
I wanted to go back to the indoor but the boy
had other ideas..
So it was back to one-hitter-box working on smith grinds
and tail slides which just keep beating the crap out of me..  I better figure it 
out soon or just live in constant pain. 
All of this was followed up with a 
football game that left us wondering what if.
But that is that and it is over so back to more important things
like riding on Two and Four wheels. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

D-Boon is my Co-pilot

I love GOOD music and like to listen to it loud and get all pumped up and move around and jump and shout..  I can even handle a bit of hip hop... I am not talking about the classic ... The Bboys,, RUN DMC ,, Grand Master Flash etc.. 
Ok so the story goes the boy and I headed over to the inside Sk8 Park to squeeze in the last few hours of the day.. The place was ours for the most part,, so I hooked up my phone to the small fender speaker to crank out some old school punk rock to help with the skate session. 
About a half hour into the riding a few other guys show up,, now these are some of the rad youngster,, the switch-nollie-crooked-to-fakie...flipping..spinning.. variety.. Full on respect for their 
ability's,, even if they look at me as some weird old guy trying to relive his past.
Well the leader of the cool guy vaping crew unplugs my phone and in 
goes his and on comes some shitshow hip hop.
Nothing but Bitch Ass Nword Fbomb Nword bitch ass etc,,, and not just one 
song but over and over and over and over.
So much that the boy comes to me as says dad can we go I don't like the music,,
At this point they all head out to smoke a cig and take their crap with them so 
after a few moments of silence I get some music cranking again..
This time some Bad Religion,, No Control,,, This once again helps push out the bad and in with the good.
I cost 5 bucks a head every time me and the boy go and ride,, and this park is owned by the
guy who I used to work for at the bike shop,, where I was coined with the DarkHeart nickname
by one of ultra religious friends for listing to Jane's Addiction. 
While working at this bike shop we had strict restrictions of the music that could be played over the speaker system in the place. 
I am pretty sure that if  Mr Johnson knew of the music being played or ever stepped foot into the park his brain may explode.  

All that being said it was a good session,, I made some progress and even
tested gravity a few times and walked away to tell the story.
Both the boy and my self are looking forward to skating outside and exploring the parks down in the valley of the sun.

Sunshine is a good thing and being outofdoors is even better.
I need to get into the garage and start getting bikes set up for riding on pavement and dirt.
Yesterday a box from a French company 
showed and bikes need to be Prepped.

It has been a long time since I have been on Time Pedals I was religious 
about them for years and years,, my first big bike deal with the Wily Team 
we all got Time and smiles were had all around. 
So need to do some switching around and get out and do some riding today.
This old sk8 beaten body could use some pedal time.. 

And the whole time I will be rocking out to good tunes in my head.. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chicken Farm

Still trying to deal with this shoulder injury that I gave my self back in late October, and have since pissed it off a few times by tweaking it.
I probably should have gone to the doctor last calendar year while I had my deductible all maxed out. 
From everything that I have read it can take up to twelve weeks for a sprain of the A/C joint to heal and that is if you don't make it angry and if that is really what the issue is.. Again from all that I have read I am pretty sure that is what the issue is.  Lots of Ice and KT tape and Aleve seem to be helping..  Learning to crash on the sk8toy with out putting my arms out is also a big plus.
At times at my J-o-B the weird positions that I have to get into can be a big pain but I guess that is just part of the fun of work and getting old??

The one place I do find that my hurt wing does not feel that bad is while I am on the back
of one of my two wheeled joy machines.
Yes I have been riding indoors... Now that the oldest is back at school her room has been turned into a workout place where me and the wife have our bikes set up,, hers on a trainer and mine on the
Do I want to be outside riding yes and I have been getting out when when I can,, yes I am the one
cyclist in the upper with out a Phat Bike.
But that is ok I sit and watch hours and hours of Skateboard videos so
I can come up with more funner ways to Thrash and maybe throw my self to the ground.

This is a real good one with some kickass skating in it with some of my favorite people to watch rip.
And while watching it I can say hey I have been there..
Funny their has been a lot of discussion about skateboarders who have become cyclist
mostly drummed up by this Guy.. 
But I guess it all rings true when you consider that both the Bicycle and the Sk8toy are nothing more 
than Freedom Machines..
As you individuals they were the key to adventure and a way to keep your self busy outside well after the sun went down. 
For me the bike came first a hand me down Schwinn that I loved then came my Stomper which is still in the garage which was at the height of the BMX craze of the 1980's.
But something happened in 84 a got a Veriflex and it was on,, I saw the Bones Brigade Video Show and all I wanted to do was ride my Board. 
Both have taken me all over the country exploring and having fun... just add a few wheels,, a couple dudes and something to jump on or over and watch out. 
And from here on out it will not end anytime soon.... Now If I could Just get this appendage to act like it should i'll be on the fast track to Awesomeness.. 


Monday, January 12, 2015


I spent yesterday morning watching the social media blow up..
It started off with a phone call from my 
kid who was on her way back from Texas and heading home to school.
She called to inform me that due to weather the Big Show on sunday had been 
I had no coffee in me and was coming down with some sort of virus 
so I could not really understand what she was getting at..
So I hopped on the interwebs and like I said things were blowing up.
Race was postponed then just canceled and the police were called in to help clear the park.
All day Saturday it rain and rain and the park took on a lot of moisture,,
it then proceeded to rain hard all night long.
The Park that the National Championships were being held at is from what I am told the crown jewel of  Austin park system.
Ok here is my 2 cents..
Did the promoters not speak of what cross is to the city before selecting the venue,,
did the Parks department not realize  what  would happen when thousands 
of cyclist showed up to ride and race and all their friends and family would tromp all over the park to get the best view of the event.
Was their a rain plan,, does it ever rain in Texas??
In my eyes this was poor planing across the board,, did no one look back to the races held here in Wisconsin when the same event was held and similar conditions were had?
Did Austin think that this would just be another music festival for dudes in skinny jeans and funky hats to hang out and take selfies?
I think that this just shows where cycling is in the USA, and for all those involved that look to the European model of the sport we are not even close. Had this been over the pond the crows would have been doubled in sized and the most epic day of racing would have been had.....because this is what cross is right?
So today Sundays races will be held and for those Pro's who could change their flights or hold off going back to their day jobs......which 95% of them have,,, again not europe..  The course has been modified and the tree root systems that were endangered are all now covered up and a National Champion will be crowned.
Lets hope that all other cities to host the National Championship event from here on out learn from this...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Now a Left Turning

I am not sure but I am pretty sure that I am not going to be able to top last Saturday..
The boy and I with the car all loaded up to the twin cities to hit two 
wonderful and totally different sk8parks.. 
I am going to put my best foot forward and see what happens.. 
More fresh wood did show up this week so I now have a back up to the fresh Foundation board from last week.. 

 And much like fresh rubber on my bike or a fresh pair of bibs everyday should be 
new wood day..

New is good and at time it is more important than anything else.
After my head slide in September I have been in need of 
a new lid as mine blew up like the Drill Sargent in Stripes..

And not to mention that Uvex has had to recall all their helmets in the US
and now I am back to the Company that has covered my 
head for so many years,,,

And if that was not was not enough bike stuff for this guy who is not on a comeback because he never left..
I found out today that MR. Ping is going to now AKA,, MR.. Time USA is going to take care of 
all my Pedal needs,, and even asked if the PIP would like to 
ride the Time.. 

I sent her a Text to tell her that she got her self a new hook,, and then told her that her and Teammate Ben did a good job racing the team relay today down in Austin during the CX nationals. 
Just the two of them,, pretty tough going up against teams of for,, but even better is that they got to see the course at race pace. 
Now that little shit gets to eat some good food and go to the Pro Party at the shop owned by the guy who once raced bikes then got banned for life because he did what everyone else did but just better. 
Lots of high fives and selfies going on there. 

Friday means that it is the weekend and that means that beer is going to get to be drank
and that is more awesome than showing up to 
work on a monday.
So here is to all the races and skaters it is 
the day that we are all working for.,.