Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Red Dirt Tan

Tomorrow at this time I will be on my way to my happy place..
I can call it that now,, because seventeen years ago when I first moved there I was not 
too happy about living there.
I was young,, I was ski bum... and now I was moving to the smack center of a 
huge desert. I had no idea of what I would be getting into and 
no idea of what I would find.. 
Now all these years removed and countless trips back to the Valley Of the Sun,,
I am always so happy to go back and always scheming of ways to never have to leave.

That being said last night at the Scooter Park,, I for the most part just rolled around 
and did not do much on the roller board. 
My legs were good and cooked from what was supposed to be an easy ride but turned out to be another ride into the wind... And to top it off with all my pains and aches I thought it would 
to keep it mellow and just watch the boy tear it up.. 

 Speaking of Tearing.. This kid had a good weekend..

Nice to see a Mid Western Boy firing on all cylinders.. He grew up skating the 3rd Layer and 
has moved on to California,, and managed to stomp it when it mattered..
Cool to see the park they competed in,, we may have to drive over and check it out.. 

Now here is a trail that I know that I wont be riding this weekend..

I know my limits and this is one that I will leave for the rad guys..

I will leave you with this,,, not sure who the people are in
this clip but it 
had some good shots of the Sedona sk8 park..
Can't wait going to be fun..

Monday, March 30, 2015

Fast Cars.. Cheep.. Thrills

I survived another weekend,, 
and I say that because it seems like each and every weekend I am coming 
up with newer and better ways to totally destroy me self.
This one was no different, coming home from work and heading out on the 
single cross,, just as the UPS driver pulled up with a new Sk8toy for me. 

I got my first Gonz board in 87 then later in the 90's as I was getting older and 
Mark had started up Blind I was not only hooked on his boards but his graphic have always 
be top notch stuff.
This new deck is an 8.6 with a bit of a bottle nose which gives it a bit of a different feel underfoot. 
So while the clan watched TV I played in the garage and skated the night away..

My plan for saturday was more the same... beat my self up on the single cross and take the boy out to the park and play.. And that was only going to happen if the snow 
piles had dried up and the park was clean.. 

After another flogging on the Purple Reign  and a bit of a nap on the pleather couch I found my self at the park once again. 

The constant banter back and forth between my child and I has to become 
some what of a running joke between the two of us..
He seems to know what I am going to say before I even say it,.,.
And it is normally something to the extent of go Faster!!
Going faster always seems to smooth out the rough edges. 

After getting the kids new whip almost together 
I once again found my self on the back of the Nature Boy,,
this day only to find 30+ mph winds greeting me in the face as I worked my way back home..
Sundays nap was topped off while watching live skateboarding from

So after watching people roll around their was only one thing left for us to
Yep go and ride on our rollerboards.. 
Me and the kid had a good rail session going back and forth with the 
Go faster catch phrase.. 

Wheels moving.. Bodies Thumping as they hit the Ground..
World is Turning.
Life is Good..

Friday, March 27, 2015


I must be an old man... 
Still recovering from going out to a rock show Wednesday night. 
I was not even out that late but still threw me off for the rest of the week..
I hopped on the Nature Boy and rode down to Lacrosse and
all the memories of doing this pedal day in/out flooded my mentals.
I was meeting Hwood and his lovely wife along with special Tim
downtown to see the Supersuckers. 

I had rockstar parking right in front of the venue and the 
Hollywood Cycles crew was there shortly after as we geared up for a good show. 
The Caviler is great spot to see a show,,, not only do they have a nice bar with decent 
beer prices ,,, the sound in this old theater is spot on.. 
Even when their is only 30 people at the show..

Yep thirty people,, pretty lame for a college town on a wednesday night..
But I was there and the band put on a great show..

At the end high fives were given and 
I pedaled home and was in bed by midnight..
So again not a late night but damn I am worked..
So much so that 
last night at the indoor skate session i was worthless..
I ended up just watching the boy skate.

I just rolled around and kept it mellow,, I have a fresh deck coming today and vacation
in a few more,, I was going to check my self before I wrecked my self..
No need to beat my self up anymore than I  have lately..

So Bring on the weekend I am ready to chill and enjoy some not work time..

 I have earned it..

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Double WiDe

Between the weather taking a turn for the worse and their not being enough light
in the day,, it is hard to find the time to get out and du what needs to be done.
I almost bagged it yesterday and did not leave the house even though
the roads were dry and it was not butt ass cold. 
My motivation was the fact that the LaMere was not only boxed up
but now on a FedEx truck on it's way down south.
I really had no excuses and only had about an hour of time before lights were going to be needed.
So I jumped on the Nature Boy and did the One Hitter loop out the front door..
It is called this because for the most part it is rolling roads till the 
mid way point till you get to a one mile long straight up hill.
The loop on my geared bike can be done in or just under one hour,, the SSCX sometimes takes 
a touch over an hour due to slog up the incline..
As normal it is a battle up the hill with only  being able to stand or sit pushing the early season 42x18
but I got it done and made it home in time for left over pork tacos..
Happy I left the house ,, Happy to be moving.. 2 or 4 wheels are never wrong. 
This is the sign at the top on the way down.. All Down Hill to home!!

Thursday sk8 day is coming back into play as the outdoor is covered in snow which will force us 
back into the indoor.. I know that this kid pictured here is thinking more about the desert than 
anything else at this time.. It has been three weeks or so since we have had to sk8 indoors...
It is great that we have it but have been spoiled with the great out of doors..

Speaking of indoors here is the winning run from Tampa the other day..

The Dude put on a clinic and just killed it,, some say that Nyjah got robbed but 
Oliveria's run was killer..

This next one show the determination that is need to jump down 20 stairs while
your board is flipping under you..

This is supposed to happen tonight and I am a bit scared
as it will be past my bed time and it is a Wednesday night..
But life is too short not to?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Time For Desert

Like the most of the rest of you I woke up to a blanket of fresh heavy 
A clean blanket covering the once thawed ground around my house. With all this new 
fresh pow pow,, all I can do is think of the desert and the eight daze of work that I have to try to 
plug through. 

I was able while things were dry to get my Plastic bike out and test the new and old parts and see what my body thought of going up steep hills.
The trails behind the house were the testing ground and I was pleased to find them almost bone dry on the west faces and tacky on the east. 
It is no secret that the trails here are steep and they don't offer miles upon miles of distance but what they lack in that they make up for in fun factor. 
The total mileage for the day with a stop at the bike shop was only twelve miles but I managed just under 2k of climbing and descending.. And this is the old school kind of descending,, the kind where you put your seat in your chest and hang your ass off the back.. 
Needless to say it was a good ride and good to be out on one of my favorite whips,, The bike and mind are ready for the desert ,,,, now if only the body will show up and kick ass. 
With that part of the weekend over the bike now looks like this.. 

Bike riding was done with and it was time to pick up where we left off at the skateboard park..
Thursday and Friday saw some good skating and fun new lines drawn up,, and both 
the boy and I were ready to get after it,, especially after watching live streaming of the Tampa Pro contest all morning saturday..
I Ganked my tail under one of the metal pieces of ramp fraiday which just meant that I got to Order a new deck so I have a fresh one for vacation.. 

And the wheels rolled on and on... The saturday afternoon session must have lasted up to three hours and the crew all showed and level rose and the young rocket
kept pushing it harder and harder..
Finally sticking boardslides on the Rail. 

And the old man started and now has the 50/50 over and down the Huba..

The wheels keep on moving and the spirits will stay high..
We wont be skating this week outside and trying to 
make it to the indoor may not happen with 
all the karate that the boy has.
For now it is time 
to get the bike in 
the mail
to get all the loose ends 
tied up.
I am ready
for sun singletrack
and no work .

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bending it Back

I found my self alone on the couch the other night as everyone 
had gone to bed before nine o'clock,,,
so what else to do?? Stream old 80's skate videos from my phone to the TV!
I found my self watching the H-Street debut movie from 
88... I had it on the other night when the twenty something crowd was over..

For me it is the beginning edit of Matt Hensley that I really really like.. 
It goes on from there and just keep delivering with the first full part from
Danny Way..
For us mid western kids growing up on The Bones Crew this 
was something like we had never seen and 
sure changed the way we skated for years to come.. Not to mention the next year on a
 family vacation I got to go to San Diego and skate at the same park as Way was in the movie..
Needless to say I barely got a dozen runs in on the mini with the hip,, the locals were off the hook.. 

As I continued to flip through old clips and cast more stuff to the big screen I came
across a Transworld 30th clip about Matt Hensley and learned not only why he 
walked away from the sport when he was at its highest points 
but then learned he was and has been playing in the band Flogging Molly.. 

I think it is pretty dam cool how this stuff goes full circle and how the artistry and creativity 
never seems to leave the mind of a rollerboarder no matter which way they seem 
to go.. 

For me the Battles continue.. The boy and I met the crew down at the park and for once we had it to our selves with no scooters and just a hand full of us..
I am not sure what got into my head but I started working on the last rail that i have never
slid.. It is a funky set up as you need a bunch up speed coming up to the to of the pyramid box.. 
I got on it first try and bailed second landed but the board shot out and I bent some fingers back...
But I kept at it and by try six or so I was rolling away.. 
If it wan't for backside board slides I would just be the weird old guy at the park.. This way I am the weird old guy that can do a trick or a few.. 

The LaMere is all together and only needs a few tweaks and I hope that i can get out and 
ride on it a bit this weekend.. Not a lot of stuff open but I know of a hill or two that I can go up and test the bike before I need to tear it down and put it in to a box...And ship it off to AZ.. 
So ready for some sun some riding and Skating in some cement parks..
Two Weeks and Counting ,, but who is counting?

Now time to fix some broke down stuff.. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Going for Broke

This place needs a lot of help and the City is saying once again that they 
have no money,, Go figure..

I posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram and Facebook the other night of some of the problem areas,, but had to stop because their are too many and I ran out of time.. 

The word is that today and tomorrow they are going to get out and start working on the problem areas,, the catch is they only have 4 sheets of Skatelite and that maybe just maybe they can get enough chicken scratch together in a month or two and get four more sheets..
I am hoping that my grey matter can get around an idea or two to come up with some fund raising efforts and get this stuff fixed,,,, make it safe for the kids... 

And the old guys who like to Play!!

This is coming out

in May and has been getting much hype as bits have been getting filmed for a 
while now.. Should be a good one.. 

These guys are going to be back at it also ,, with some new footage,,
I know that i have shown this before but it is too much fun.. 

In closing

The wind has been blowing making for some interesting bike riding,, 
but head down and pushing through I will continue to ride and smile. 
Don't Call it A Come Back..
I never Left..