Friday, May 22, 2015


Growing up as a kid in the suburbs of the 612 my family and I 
lived at the end of a sleepy dead end street.. 
By the time I was in forth grade the city had come and turned it into a cul de sac..
This was also about the time in my life that I got my first skateboard.
At first I did not realize the potential of pavement and all the surrounding developments in the area.
As the years went by me and neighborhood attempted to  build a few half pipes in the back yard of
one of their houses,, but the empty void of a circle just sat there with nothing in it. 
The backyard wooden giants came and went and a new movement was being seen in the 
movies that once a year we got to see in our VHS players.
Street Skating..
Launch ramps and fun Boxes,, rail Slides and quarter Pipes were all the rage.
At this time in the world their were no skate parks especially in  the burbs.
We were motivated to build and create what we were seeing going on in California.

This building and skating went on for years,,, no one ever asked where all the wood came from and so we continued to build and build and since no one lived around the circle of pavement it was all ours..
That was until one day in 89 riding the bus home with some kids from other hoods that were coming over to shred my little skatetopia.
As we got to the end of the street we found every single bit of wood was gone not even a splinter was left. 
The city had come and removed all of the ramps and rail slides... not because all the wood was bowed from all the homes being built in the area,,, No
they came and threw my playground away because of liability..
We were told that if someone fell and got hurt that the city could be sued and that 
would not be a good thing for them..

These days there are parks everywhere.. Every Town has at least one..
And the silly little burb that took all my fun away
has built a sk8 plaza
and encourages kids to ride and slide.

 Being a old man and coming out of a twenty some year retirement of  
 has been a ton of fun.
I am taking my lumps but that is part of the game..
The time that I get to spend with 
my son is priceless and the experiences that he is getting to have 
even better.

So bring on the fun 
Skate Or Die

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dirty Soul

When life slows down it is much easier to find the time to do what is
really important in life. 

Work for what ever reason has slowed down to a crawl and instead of hanging out 
with a bunch of busy work just to fill in the day I am 
exercising the right to get out and get rad.
I have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this thing that I call work and at times
worry that the company as a whole may be taking a nose dive.
What does not make me nervous is the fact that I am good at what I do and shit is always going to 
break down...... so I have that going for me. 
So when their is nothing left to do it is 
time to go flog ones self in the back yard while riding on a 22 lb rocket ship. 
It is safe to say that things are getting a touch over grown as they will this time of year,,
but it is really green in the woods and the dirt could not be more perfect. 
With Time On my side I just continued to up and then up again,, working
on the ability to suffer then suffer some more. 
And then to top it off 
I got to go to the park with the boy and work on some new lines and just get to spend some quality time with one of the raddest people I know in this here world.

A video posted by Devin Curran (@curranski) on

I am not sure if it is hanging out with him,,, riding the rollerboard or what but it makes
me feel young and very happy to be alive. 

Now to some more quality video,, and ones with maybe some better socks..

I down loaded finally the Vans Propeller Movie and 
look forward to watching it here soon with the boy..

Here is a great new clip of the Neff
crew sk8ing in my happy place and my someday home of 

Now time to hold on and get over the Humpty Hump.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Well it is safe to say that I made the right call but it could still be debated that 
I should have gone..
I punted on going racing yesterday... I had all the gear ready to throw in the car,,
but when I woke at 5AM and checked the weather the forecast was not
good.. Chances for severe weather and really windy. 
These things together are one thing but when you throw the distance to be driven into the mix
I felt it was a no-brainier. 
For the stories I have heard it did rain and for a while it was pretty sloppy,, but for the elite race the trail got tacky and fast and a good fight was had up front between two legends of the sport.
In the end at the line Mr Creepy Friendly nipped Jeff Hall with 
the GingerHammer coming in third place. 
And as soon as the awards were over the skies opened up and the rain really began to fall.

I kept it local and rode the bike in the woods here,,
I did get to dodge some rain drops latter in the day 
and even found some time in the late afternoon sun
to go and rip around on sk8 toys with the boy.. 
While I 
missed out on seeing the team and hanging out with the crew talking about
bikes and bike related objects,
I found some peace in staying close and getting some much need 
Keeping the battery charged and my eyes locked in on prize.
I'll be ready for the next one,, and have a weekend of 
camping and playing in the woods coming at the end of this work week.
Ride Rest Repeat..

Friday, May 15, 2015

Good Good Things About U

Finding time to get out and move the legs can be a challenge for 
me these days seeing as I am no longer commuting to work..
I do have to say that I miss the mornings of zen pedaling through the coffee fueled brake light infested mess that is the traffic around here.
More than anything it ensured me saddle time to and from work..
If I wanted I could stretch my route to include some climbing some single track 
or just meander down the Lacrosse river.
I always knew that their would at least be 70+ miles of circles on a given week depending on 
how I rolled.. 
Any more it a juggle to get the boy to Karate make dinner and find time to ride.
And as of late I have had no desire to ride my road bike so I have been riding 
dirty as much as I can.
I love it..
Sliding out the garage and riding the stuff that is right behind the house has opened up 
a new path of pain and fun. 
It reminds me a lot of  what I had in my backyard in my old home of Breckenridge.
There I could get out after dinner and bag an hour or so
of epic ridding accessing either some old mining roads or jumping right on to 
the single track in Carter Park.
Being a working dad of two I learned real quick that you take it when you can get and make the most of what you have. 

My back yard consist of
  an old mining road and lots of single track.. Lots in the scene that when ridden in the proper 
loop it takes any where from 20-30 minutes to complete.. And not because of the total miles
but more because of the shear up and down. 
Tight corners and steep climbs bring you to the top where you get to hug a ridge line and 
plummet towards the bottom.
The two guys who have been behind these gems are doing this all with blood sweat and tears. 
Soon things will start to get over grown and if the wind blows hard down trees will scatter the
trails,, but it always gets cleaned up and the movement continues.
This is not Flow trails,, this is the pure essence of Mountain Biking.. 
Hold on and let it go. 
There were stormy clouds all around last night and I did not think I would be able to get out.. 
But I was able to make it happen and I am so thankful that I did.
Here is a shot from the end of the Aspen Tunnel which was part of my back yard trail in

Here is a photo from the venue that we are to be racing this 
I am still on the fence if I am going to load the family up and go..
Weather looks real unsettled and I am not sure if I want to gamble with 
a chance for sloppy conditions.  Precrash DMC would 
not have even second guessed him self,, but anymore 
I am not sure that I want to put up with all that is a sloppy race weekend.. 
As the Gingerhammer said that is what Cross racing is for.. 

So with that 
bring on the weekend.
One For the DiamondWizzard

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Slime Balls

Sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nails.. other times you are the cheese spread on top of the crackers... Like last night as I went ass over tea kettle when I saved my self 
from total destruction bailing on a 50/50 on the Hubba.
I battle this trick from time to time and for the most part can either stick it or get out just in time.
Not sure where I went wrong last night but I got it right when I slid down the back side of the pyramid and did not just carry my self to the flat bottom..
Other than that is was a great night on the sk8 toy... The sun finally decided to come out and
other than Brock,, Christian and me and the Boy we had the place to our selves. 
Does not happen often when you can roll and not worry about scooter kids..
And this was all on the heals of a nice bike ride through the woods 
earlier in the afternoon..

Not a bad tuesday,, Especially when you come home to find 
a box of goodies from some friends that 
are always there for you..
The Chamios Buttr  crew have always made sure that 
I am covered where I need to be.

Well it is wednesday and that means that we are getting trough the week,,,
Holding on for a weekend that should have bike racing attached to 
it as long as the weather holds up..
Unlike years in the past this year I am not going to mess around with any wet racing...
So as of now we sit and wait to see what happens..
Looks like Sunday could be a wet one. 

This showed up on the interwebs the other day.
Not only does the kid just rip but the 
music in the background is 100% awesome..

Then their is this one,,, some Raw footage from the filming of the new Vans movie,,,
which I have not seen yet as I am not a Itunes user,, so I need to figure that out,,
but Gilbert blows up the screen with this clips..

Ok I have done all that I can do from here on out it is up to you all..
Be good Do good work,, and damn it be nice to one another..
Happy Wednesday...

Monday, May 11, 2015

HoT Mess

Lately I have been running into a lot of bad customer service. 
Across the board in all walks of life.
I used to just think that it was an issue with the Millennial Generation,, but I have seen it 
in some older types too. 
It is an apathetic me first kind of mentality that is dragging this world down.
It is not hard to do good work,, and for years i have said that you almost have to try harder to screw things up than just do what it is you are supposed to do.   
I guess it would not bother me so much if I was not in the business of customer service,, 
I can't just blow a customer off or not give good service and expect nothing negative to come my way. 
I like to think that it is a pretty simple concept that is being lost somewhere and have no idea what the magic formula is to fix it.
The best that I can do is lead by example and try not to get bogged down in the quagmire.
Do good work and be Nice to people.. 

Ok,, enough of that don't need to break my leg monday morning falling off my soap box. 

The weekend has come and gone and now I sit here scratching my head trying to figure where it all went.?
I know that I got in some bike riding which has me marching to a different beat..
Almost like all the time spent not riding was just building me up for the time when 
my wheels would spin and I would be able to find peace again.
The miles are not huge and the rides are not all day epics where i have 
to stop at three different gas stations just for a nutty bar.
No they are me a bike and two wheeled freedom.
Going back and forth between the gears and the single 
have grinning from ear to ear. 

I got to take the boy and some of his friends to 
a movie to celebrate his eleventh birthday,, only to come home and find his 
older sister back from college.
That means that now it is a full house and 
the balancing act will be in full effect as summer is here,, even if no one has told the weather man.

Now time to go give great customer service and save the world one broken down 
appliance at a time.. 

Friday, May 8, 2015


The days are getting longer and longer as we approach the summer solstice,, in late june.. This is a magic time of year watching the landscape change from the bla dormant hues of 
winter to a collage of  bursting colors and smells. 
This is also the time of the year that early morning group rides get started and for twenty plus years 
the ever changing group has been meeting a few mornings a week riding the same route and doing it in a gentleman style. 
I have not showed up to one yet.. I have laid gear out gear the night before with the intention of meeting the group,, but just have not made it..
No real reason,, for my lack of participation.... I can say that riding my road bike has not been 
getting me too excited as I have been addicted to dirt and have been riding my two fat tire bikes as much as I can. 
And I think deep down inside I just don't want to ride in a group that can stretch over 25+...
Am I afraid that I could have another crash like last fall,, not so much I mean that is there deep in my brain... Do I just not want to be social?? maybe,, I know that I don't want to spend the ride explaining my recovery and the crash and what happened,,, because I still don't know what happened.. 
Their could not be a better group of guys to ride with 
but something about leaving the house at 510 in the AM,, that takes the mind awhile to get 
Truth be told I am waiting for the weather to change a bit so I can get out at the asscrack of dawn time and rip an hour or so on the Single Machine..
So many changes and so little time left on this planet,, approach each day like it is the 
last on this spinning rock.

Speaking of Rocks,, I did go on a ride with the boy who is now 
dubbed Two Cent..

Our rides aren't long and they do involve dirt,
It is fun to see his smug mug pedaling trough the woods,,
and even more fun when I tell him that he is faster 
than his sister is.. Then he stands up and 
hammers to get ready for the day that he gets to kick her ass in a bike ride..

And that time maybe here soon as my oldest,,our summer roommate 
will be home tomorrow from school to eat my food,, loaf around my house,
and raise my water bill.
She'll be twenty this summer and it may be time for the bird to spread its wings.. 

From this view you can see for miles and miles and miles..
And if you look up you can watch the eagles circling over head.
Changing my view and 
reviewing my approach,, it all starts some where.