Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lines in the Sand

 Oh so many years ago,,
Shortly after mister Brendan Grover Curran graduated from 
UWL my lovely wife .... Not Pictured jumped into our ratty car and headed out west. 

We found our selves in what for what it is worth never,,, never land.
Life was simple Ski,, work.. repeat.. 

 Then before we knew it we were blessed with a peanut of a Pip that changed my world..
Up until the point that Sophia came in to my world my silly 
young brain was stuck on live fast die young.. 
But that was short lived.
She was a reset button that made me realize that their was more than just me. 

I stopped being totally reckless and focused on what was important. 
Not saying that I have not been 
messed up multiple times.. I have hit the ground and even taken a helicopter flight...
Gravity is a mean mistress.
To this day I still live the life of get rad and have fun,,
Tuck and roll.

I have lost a lot of friends over the years and have felt a lot of loss. 
The Loss that I fell now 
is so much more than all the ones that I have said good bye to,, 

Life moves pretty fast..
Make sure that you love the ones your are with and Remember the ones you have lost..


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