Monday, August 1, 2016

Rise from the Ashes..

There are events in life that make you have to grab the handrail and hold on. 
That feeling of being weak in the knees and the world around you spinning. 
The kind of life alternating moment that you search and search for answers. 

Loss can bring on this feeling,, loss of a pet, loss of a home or car,, the loss of a loved one,,,, expected or unexpected.  

Unexpected is by far the worst kind of loss,, Your dog getting hit by a car,, a tornado or forest fire destroying your home... 
Or a loved one suddenly  leave the physical world. 

A week ago Friday Morning I was into the office at work getting ready for a short day of calls..
It being Friday it was moms day for a Chemo treatment and 
at 730 my phone rings with my moms photo.. 
Scared that she is not feeling well I answer before the first rang stopped..

Mom comes through the speaker and All I hear her say is
" Trempealeau is Dead.."
He is gone he is dead,

I am still to this moment in shock.
The Family is in Shock.
Too young..
He was a Shining star..
Named after a Beautiful spot along the Mississippi deep in the
Driftless of Wisconsin..

I hope that in the daze and years to come my Brother and the rest of my family can find some 

I am trying to put together some of the bike Industry for a memorial scholarship fund 
so young kids can learn to fly like he did.
The talent was unreal and 
he will 
never ever
be forgotten.

Love You Kid.

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