Friday, August 12, 2016

Two Scoops.

Thursdays nave been saved all summer for Buck Hill bike racing fun..
The racing has stopped but the fun has not..
The young one in the house and I got all dressed up in 

our super suits and headed out on our cross bikes for some ice creme.
In doing so we got to pedal some of the best roads that 
the Eastern Metro has to offer. 

His only complaint was that his back hurt towards the end..
I explained that he needs to stop growing and I would 
then make sure that the bike he has fits better..
Also told him that it is a right of passage to ride a bike that is just a 
titch too big.

Next up will be mtb racing up in Duluth.. 
Going to be a masochist  and race it like a man.. On the one by fun.
Fingers crossed their have been some epic days on Spirit Mt..
I ask is that you damn kids stay off my Lawn..

Oh one for Mom..

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