Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Still not winter here yet in the Great White North,, just wet.. It has been raining and raining making it hard to go outside and play.. So it was super great to hear the boy say today when he got home from school that he wanted to go and Sk8 at Familia.. Only issue in doing so is that the trip home would be in the throat of rush hour traffic in the rain. But the boy said sk8 so I was in.  Jumping on the Interstate from hell I was treated to some fresh rubber that the little buggy got installed.. Love new tires,,, just hate paying for them. We got our selves to the

 HQ and started banging out the tricks,, the boy was even going after some moves I have never seen him  try before.. I dig it when I see him think outside the box and see him progress,,, He just doesn't let me give him advise. Which drives me nutz.. So much so that tonight as he went into Karate Class,,
    I was finishing up listing to the Tony Hawk Radio show,, so I call in and asked him for advice.. Funny as an old man talking to the guy that you grew up watching and idolizing getting advise about bring up a young skater. It was some good back and forth until my phone dropped the call,, but the guys continued to talk about the subject of kids,, learning and trying not to do too much as a skater parent.  Told the boy about the phone call as we walked out of Karate class and needless to say he was pissed that I spoke to Tony and he did not..

I seem to be wearing holes in my shoes and the ones on the bottom of the shoe are getting worse every session,, The only place that has the best selection of Vans is in the MOA and being so damn close to the holidays not sure that I want to go in to that place regardless of  what they have on the shelves.

This kid has been getting a lot of views lately.. He is kind of nut and I would to spend a day following him around the Valley Of The Sun..

I am not the only one Here in the 612 with Grey in his hair that have fresh wood.. 
Here is the Godfather of Minnesota cycling Geno with a 
fresh box of goodies from the Master Of Disaster 

Get out and hump the crap out of this hump day..
Keep the Wheels Moving.. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Blank Page

Sitting starring at a blank page.. Started three different post.. Had a bunch of whitty words about adventures and fun that was had.. But after reading and thinking about it all......I was left with nothing... It just doesn't matter.. Find what matters dü good be good to each other.. Their is a lot of crap in this world and what we need is everyone to just be cool....

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Tuck and roll is a way of life when it comes to participating in wheeled sports fun.. Even with my two plank powder daze the ability to assess the fall mid action and Tuck the Roll is a big part of not getting really f..ed up...  It is a skill and one that can take years of practice which means years of going down to the ground.       Rollerborading out of all the things I enjoy doing has the highest rate of tuck and roll moments.. Now while most times you try to run out the gravity challenge and escape scratch free....and  at other times the running ends with a quick tumble until tour momentum comes to an end...
 When it really sucks is when you don't have the chance to run.. and or tuck and roll.. When you just slam.. When all of the force you have generated turns you in to a pancake splattered on ground..
This is all part of the fun.. the mystery of standing or falling.. Rolling away with you arms in the air in victory..or skipping across the ground like a stone on the pond..
The weather here has been great and not sure how long it will last.. The boy and I have been able to play out side more than normal for this time of year.. And I have been able to roll two and four more than expected...
I keep saying that I want to go for a night ride but when the work day is short and the sun is out u am going to ride and not wait for the nightlight.. My LaMere has been silly fun to ride and it has my face mucles making smiles more often than not..

On a more serious note lets all take a moment to think about those who helped make this country what it is by fighting for our freedom..  Grandpa was stationed in AK making sure no unfriendlys  came over the Bearing Sea..

Now get out there and remember to Tuck and Roll..

Monday, November 9, 2015


Keeping the wheels moving is a good mantra and one that a good Friend always uses.. It is something that I try and try to do.. And being fall and not really chasing any kind of goals for the seasons end for me it is now just about keeping the wheels moving and having fun on either two or four wheels.

 Pre crash DMC was riding everyday back and forth to work and finding small side missions on the way to and the way from. Now in a new place at a new job and a new home I am enjoying the exploring and searching that is all in front of me..... Friday I was home early enough to dawn the super suit and head out to the neighborhood single track and rip leaf covered trail before coming home to do all the dad stuff that comes my way..

 And again keeping the wheels moving two or four... So like planed me and the boy headed to the Valley Of Golden to ride the indoor park there. Saturday morning is reserved for Kids and old guys like me.. Normally when we enter and the money has been exchanged the child and I go our separate ways,, only to cross paths when awesomeness happens.

  It was a good session as the boy was throwing down and smiles were all around,, lots of High Fives on this day,, and we finished with a stop at the Familia Shop  and checked out all the fresh wood that they had to offer,, and the old man scooped up something red and shinny to complete the stoke factor.
Nothing like fresh wood to make you want to shred unit the lights go out. 
And the more and more that I ride and spend time with the boy the 
better I fell inside. 

So flash-forward to Sunday morning and the unseasonably warm November weather
me and the mini-me headed back out to the local Mountain Bike Playground that had been 
all leaf blown since I was there last,..  The trails were coated with lot and lot of happy people on bikes. 
All kinds were out and accounted for,, most were Fat Bikes from all brands under the sun..
Me and the boy rode the standard issue of  fat tire bicycles.. 
Ripping around on this full rigid carbon machine is dream come true. 
Now the goal is to see if their is a way to get some bigger tires on this rig or on the single speed,, so if and when the snow does come that I can continue to play in the woods. 
Top off the weekend with some more ripping on the four wheels one town over.
Quite day inside the fences and a bit of head wind every time you headed south,, 
For the third week in a row,, we ran into a young ripper with a beat to Crap board.... 
Felling like a sk8boarder Robinhood I grabbed an old Flip out of the back of the Rav and 
mad yet another kid smile from ear to ear.. 
All I asked was to Keep the Wheels Moving and to Ride with Pride. 
I may not be the raddest dude in the world but at times I sure do fell like it.

Keep rolling forward and keep the fire lit so the Stoke never goes out. 
Age is a number and smiles go a long way. 
BE excellent to each other.

Friday, November 6, 2015


So days are longer than others and some posts are shorter than some... Breathing has returned and the sore throat is gone.. Hard being sick when the indain summer stretches in to Movember.. Which to say blowing ones nose with an upper lip sweater is no fun..

  Thankfully the weekend is here and their are some house projects to get done.. Days are short and the nights are long...but the wheels continue to move... Indoor tomorrow with the lad... Then outdoors with one of my two wheeled toys..
So here is to the weekend raise a beer and raise a ruckus..

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Daily Grind

So I can't spin,,,or flip but I can roll with style and jump some shit and slide down other stuff.
Taking twenty years off of being a full time sk8er boy was a tough thing to come back from,, but I would like to think that I have taken it in stride. 
Their is something pure and powerful about riding a Sk8board,,
It is not just something that just comes to you and their are no short cuts. 
It is full if pain and joy... 
        It can leave you full of joy and cripple you and leave you in a puddle of pain. 
My second coming of four wheel fun and the time that I get to spend with my boy is 
something that this old man really enjoys.
Their is something about sharing what you love with the ones that 
are in your life.
For me riding a skatetoy is nothing more than riding a bike..

I du have a whole lot of fun riding a bike or any of my bikes and 
it is time for me to get back to the old form and shape that I used to be. 
Being this old and turning grey pudgy guy has to end.
The fire is burning again and I have been really digging being on the bike as of late. 
It has been a tough year with my recovery/comeback tied into the move and dealing with all that comes along with all the changes. 
So as the days get shorter and the nights get longer I look forward to 
finding a path and chasing the light at the end of the tunnel.
The bringer of the light will Chase the Darkness away. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Throw out the Clock

 Battling through another weekend and came out with a smile on my face.. Getting to spend time with the family is by far the most important thing as we still adjust to the move.
 The flooring project that we did in the kitchen and dining area looks and feels perfect..
Saturday was a rainy wet start and the  Party was taken indoors to the Familia HQ.. Not only did we get to have the park to our selves the Rocket got a new board and got it signed by the Pro who's board it was..
After all the ripping the boy and I along with his cousin walked around the hood and got candy.. Rocket went as Marty Mcfly from the second movie.. Fun to watch him tear through the hood on his cruiser board.

Topped the weekend off with a sunny Sunday morning road ride even though I felt lagged from the clock switch..
And then we set out for a skate tour of the Western metro.. 
We got to see some cool stuff and skated some rad spots.
Now time to adjust to the work week and
Move forward with the November plan.