Monday, November 9, 2015


Keeping the wheels moving is a good mantra and one that a good Friend always uses.. It is something that I try and try to do.. And being fall and not really chasing any kind of goals for the seasons end for me it is now just about keeping the wheels moving and having fun on either two or four wheels.

 Pre crash DMC was riding everyday back and forth to work and finding small side missions on the way to and the way from. Now in a new place at a new job and a new home I am enjoying the exploring and searching that is all in front of me..... Friday I was home early enough to dawn the super suit and head out to the neighborhood single track and rip leaf covered trail before coming home to do all the dad stuff that comes my way..

 And again keeping the wheels moving two or four... So like planed me and the boy headed to the Valley Of Golden to ride the indoor park there. Saturday morning is reserved for Kids and old guys like me.. Normally when we enter and the money has been exchanged the child and I go our separate ways,, only to cross paths when awesomeness happens.

  It was a good session as the boy was throwing down and smiles were all around,, lots of High Fives on this day,, and we finished with a stop at the Familia Shop  and checked out all the fresh wood that they had to offer,, and the old man scooped up something red and shinny to complete the stoke factor.
Nothing like fresh wood to make you want to shred unit the lights go out. 
And the more and more that I ride and spend time with the boy the 
better I fell inside. 

So flash-forward to Sunday morning and the unseasonably warm November weather
me and the mini-me headed back out to the local Mountain Bike Playground that had been 
all leaf blown since I was there last,..  The trails were coated with lot and lot of happy people on bikes. 
All kinds were out and accounted for,, most were Fat Bikes from all brands under the sun..
Me and the boy rode the standard issue of  fat tire bicycles.. 
Ripping around on this full rigid carbon machine is dream come true. 
Now the goal is to see if their is a way to get some bigger tires on this rig or on the single speed,, so if and when the snow does come that I can continue to play in the woods. 
Top off the weekend with some more ripping on the four wheels one town over.
Quite day inside the fences and a bit of head wind every time you headed south,, 
For the third week in a row,, we ran into a young ripper with a beat to Crap board.... 
Felling like a sk8boarder Robinhood I grabbed an old Flip out of the back of the Rav and 
mad yet another kid smile from ear to ear.. 
All I asked was to Keep the Wheels Moving and to Ride with Pride. 
I may not be the raddest dude in the world but at times I sure do fell like it.

Keep rolling forward and keep the fire lit so the Stoke never goes out. 
Age is a number and smiles go a long way. 
BE excellent to each other.

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