Monday, November 2, 2015

Throw out the Clock

 Battling through another weekend and came out with a smile on my face.. Getting to spend time with the family is by far the most important thing as we still adjust to the move.
 The flooring project that we did in the kitchen and dining area looks and feels perfect..
Saturday was a rainy wet start and the  Party was taken indoors to the Familia HQ.. Not only did we get to have the park to our selves the Rocket got a new board and got it signed by the Pro who's board it was..
After all the ripping the boy and I along with his cousin walked around the hood and got candy.. Rocket went as Marty Mcfly from the second movie.. Fun to watch him tear through the hood on his cruiser board.

Topped the weekend off with a sunny Sunday morning road ride even though I felt lagged from the clock switch..
And then we set out for a skate tour of the Western metro.. 
We got to see some cool stuff and skated some rad spots.
Now time to adjust to the work week and
Move forward with the November plan.

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