Friday, October 30, 2015

Duddy of Fuddy

It has been said by me over and over again... And I will stand by my words I do not like Holoween.. I can't really put my fingers on why but their is something about kids begging at my door for free candy... And as an adult the over the top dress up costumes that big people get into...... I know that makes me a fuddyduddy but I can live with that..

That being said the weekend is almost here and I am looking forward to not doing anything..  Their is a ton of stuff going on with two cross races and the legendary Homie Fall Fest..But Until all my house projects are done it is hard to get my brain around training and racing...  I need to evaluate the next two months and start the come back...
And this time it will be called a come back..

The big hope for the weekend is that wheels will move and that my town house does not get egged... Be safe be nice and don't get tricked..

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