Monday, October 19, 2015

Alive and Kicking

So I have been off the radar for awhile.. But everyone's favorite Dark Harted Rebel is still a live and we'll..

It is safe to say that it has been crazy in our world.. But I am still standing .. The family is still in tact and we are constantly moving forward..

The townhome we bought is a bit of a bust.. But we have a good aittude anda lot of projects to bust out ... Things are coming together..

My boy and I have been thrashing as much as we can and my whole quiver of bikes are back together and living in the garage. From the door to the trailhead its only four miles and I can rip some nice single track.

Shit I even lined up this weekend and didba cross race... Or at least started one.. Flatted on lap three and did not have a pit wheel.. That is what you get for riding with tubes in your tires..

Life moves pretty fast...and unless you slow down once in a while you may miss out..

Not that anyone has been missing my ranting and raving.. But I will try as life gets back to a normal pace to blurt more and more..

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