Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I have spent some thirty plus years coming up with different ways to bend ..break...and destroy my body... From my first sk8 toy in eighty four,,,through my ski bumb daze and all the up to the present not forgetting my years chaseing my cycling dream.
At times at the ripe age of 42 I feel hobbled.

It has been mentioned to me a number of times by my better half to maybe just give my body a rest.. But I have an issue with sitting still. I don't wear it well.
My biggest issue as of late is a lower back issue that has caused many a slow morning of just trying to get loose... Over the past few years I have blown it out to the point where I was laid up for a day or two...... Latley it has become a chronic daily pain... And still to my colors I don't stop moving and playing..

And the best part is I am passing it down to my youngest.

What I need to do is start stretching and or find a bone bender to get my back straight.
Age is a mind set and pain is just weekness leaving your body..
I can't stop
And as they say
Get it straight ride Krooked. 

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