Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finding It

Since the kid has not been cleared to race her bike we cut the weekends trip up to the cities short and only went up for the CX race on saturday.
This was only my second CX race of the fall and I think that I am still trying to feel my fitness out. 
I armed my self with the King/Hed wheels off my road bike and a fresh set of rubber.
The Red Barn is one that I have always wanted to do,, almost pancake flat with some tight turns and 
one evil run-up. Got a few warm up laps in with Barry checked out the small barrier that went straight up in to a small hill,,, which if your line was right you could just hop it and carry speed up and over the hump.   Staying warm was the hard part waiting for the race to start, so I did what I do best ran my mouth and jumped up and down as the young Bavers went on to win the 3 race. 
When it was our turn to line up I got a much better position and on the whistle I hit it hard.. off the front I had Tall Tom set the pace with me on his wheel trying to create some separation,, second lap I came around Tommy and told him to sit in,,,, I pushed it the rest of the second lap knowing that Brandon K and other were not to far behind.. At this point I decided to start working with Brandon and his teammate,, In hind site I should have stayed up front and just pushed it but did not want to do all the work in to the wind.   I was moving well and felt like I was flowing well,, With 4 to go a Freewheel rider on a onespeed joined us as we kept pushing up front,,dodging and weaving now through the women and the backend of our field. 1.5 to go another singleminded rider showed and that is when I heard the rubber band snap trying to latch on to the fresher surging legs. 
Across the line singles went 2,3,4,5, and I missed the podium by a few seconds.  But as a moral victory I went from 17 last week and getting my ass kicked to 5th and feeling   much better about my self on a CX bike.  Now I need to try to figure out next weekend so I can keep up the fitness and the fun.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Foaming at the Mouth

I feel bad for having the Pip out on her bike over the past week after getting the 
lab results back last night. Momma bear took the kid in to have her liver functions checked and to see how the mono is moving through her. News was not good still high and the doctor says no racing.. if she falls she could rupture her spleen and that would be bad. As it goes she has been feeling much better and was even riding strong in my eye I thought she had a good chance of winning at buck on her 32x19. This high school racing was just something to do nothing that she had to do to get noticed, I just feel bad for her I know she is bummed.... But this kid has so much more coming her way now that she is going to be racing as a Red Hawk.
Regardless still loading up the SSCX bike and heading up to Taylor's Falls to give cross racing another shot.. The kid is going to come along to ring the cow bell and see if her old man can go fast. 
The Boss has a new set of Vittora Tires for me and the King/Hed wheels are all set up and ready to go. Lots of driving for so little racing but well worth it,,getting to see some friendly faces and feel that bit of pain that will rattle my body.  So here is to miles of driving and time spent around bikes and bike friendly people,, and maybe just maybe a stop in at the FFF?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bull Shifting

Pinned a number on again on saturday. Forgot how much the first 10 minutes of a 
cross race can be. 
Starting third row was going to be a challenge also,, not to mention that the 
SSCX races goes off with the master 3-4's. At the line close to 80+ riders, and all I could think was
keep the rubber side down..
Made it up the hill following Barry into the single track...around a field and the down some ski hill like switchbacks. Group was still a bit together when we hit the sandy run-up and was strung out by the flyover. With my awesome start position I watched the race up fold a head of me...I had a ton of fun  getting to rail the corners and descending the hills riding the skinny tires. 
Finished ok for not having raced as cross and no mass racing since Laddies Loppet. 
Photo TMB
Needless to say I want more and hope to make it back up to the 612 to do some racing this weekend. 

 Got to get back to where you were? Right??
So change the way you look at stuff ? 
Go faster?
 That was the idea for the ride sunday with the Pip.I changed things so she could see the trail a bit different.
Not sure the last time that I got out and rode bikes with the kid,, and since she is still coming off  a month log virus and needing to get back at it. She rode great strong and surprised
her self a few times with what it was she could and did ride.. Good job kid making that 32x19 work for you. 
It was a good time in the woods, leaving me wanting more and Pip thinking that she wants to line up with out a shifter.. 
A OnefUcKnInG SpeeDer She may Now be!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


After a week of self-deportation and felling low and sorry for my self,
I made a last minute adjustment of attitude and got my CX bike as ready to go as I can.
Yes the season change and lack of light get me down,, but more than anything it is so hard
for this guy to stop racing cold turkey. All cx races are at least two hours away and most of the gear that I have is subpar for racing. Cross has been a category of cycling that I have had a hard time of putting a lot of money into. Back in Breck it was a quick drive to the front range for the racing and with family down there I could always find a place to crash. 
All that said I took the wheels off the kids cross bike since she has proper tires and did a quick BB swap as I found the one in there going bad. 
Threw it all together and rode it around the soccer pitch across the street and it felt good with the 44x19, a bit different of a gear that has been on when I am just playing and exploring. 
Todays race is being put in by two great sponsors Twin Six and Hed, both pioneering company's out of the 612.
All I can say we'll see,, the boss wants me to line of for the 1,2 race after the ss.. again we'll see.
Regardless this is going to hurt.. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shaking it

These short days are messing with me.. I start to feel the effects of the lack of hours and the lack of riding the lack of sun on my face. I spend my day driving around in some encoline ford going from broken convince machine to the next watching the dog days of summer slip by. 
I have been sticking with my routine of climbing up and through the quarry on the way to work and on most days go home the same way. Darkness is upon us and I know that I should have come home and got my stuff together and gone out for a sunset ride but the days of work have 
been long and motivation goes quick when you are hungry and there is beer in the fridge. 
Trying to get things lined up for next season,,,, a good number of hands that were shook at the Interbikes are back on board for next racing year just a few loose ends to tie up then I can start daydreaming of single track and races to come.  It may be time soon to switch up the work bench from bikes to skis.. But I am hoping that we are at least a few more weeks away from that.. 
Until then pushing through seasonal cycling depression.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Off'd' Racing

As weeks come and go by far the weekends are the best time. Not that this is a ground-breaking statement but the truth is everybody is working for the weekend. 
The whip has been getting cracked a ton at the salt mine,.,more more more is all they every want. 
The shorter day and extended work has been making it harder and harder to get out and and move.
Had the thought that I would head up to Portland East and do some cross racing with the Boss and crew,,, and then got the thought in my head that the last WORS race could be a good idea. 
Spent saturday getting the Spot ready for a war, put on some new fresh Geax tires with some new TnT Sealant. Cleaned up the drive train and bike and race bag was pack loaded and ready to go.
I knew that it was supposed to be moist as it rained off and on yesterday and today was supposed to be just windy with showers ending early,, Woke up to the sound of rain pounding the house and checked the radar and saw nothing but green and yellow on the way. Gave my ride a call and told him I was out then went back to bed.
Flash forward 8 hours I get a call from josh saying that the trail and race were nothing more than shit. 
Deep mud hard to pass streams, hard rain+ slop= a crappy day to race bikes,, not even racing I won.. my bike looks like this..

Ripon College Athletics
Now the weekend comes closer and closer to being done and not much to look forward to next weekend other than the weekend,,,no idea what the weather will be like and no races that I know of at least no mountain bike racing.  Time to get the Pip, back on the bike and healthy hoping that she can do the last MN High school race,, This virus she has had has kept her off the bike for over two weeks now. With all the kid has on the horizon time to get back to work..  Her team that she will be racing for next season is on their way here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sizzle Chest

Third year in a row of going to Winona for the 
This year was a cold and windy which is a change from the years past. 
I opted for the Twin Six Metal super suit which is all
warm and fuzzy on the inside. After a good warm up seeing the start and finish of the race I was ready to take my place in space. 
I got the honor of starting one minute a head of Jesse and when the clock started I spun out 
that 34x18 as I hit the single/double track. 
Looking down at my computer as the one minute mark went by I knew that it was going to be anytime when it happened.  I made the hard right turn off the road and on to the long single track climb,,,, I put in a nice smooth grove as I worked my way up the bluff,,,, 
Yes I have raced this three years in a row but for the life of me can't seem to remember where anything is.. 
Got to the top of the climb and out of the corner of my eye I could see the Creep coming,, as I went to let Jesse around I drifting a corner with way to much air in my tires I did a nice ground check. 
Back up and rolling I pushed on through the new section of trail that Kevin W had made as a FU to all the logs taken out of the HPT's,, Log after log after log the flow of the race was getting knocked around. 
Flashes of past years started to flood my mind as I got to the quarry,, and I knew that it was time 
to go down hill,,and again I had that gear of mine spun out.  Charging down the hill
I crossed the line in forth spot.. 
Three years three top 4's and a shit ton of fun..

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Hot Lap Done fun was had Ground was found.. 
Speeds were high,, Beer was drank... 
One by Ones went really fast//
Now i want to ride more dirt,,,,
Tomorrow is another day ..
Twin Six and 29nSNGL  Kicked the asses of many ..

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rick Flair

I have spent the past few days getting back to my roots while I wait for stuff to show up. 
Stripped the Spot down to it's single version and have been logging some good miles to  and from work. I forgot how much a 34x18 can hurt going up the 30% grade of the quarry hill. 
The event of events is this coming Saturday up in ynoina .. The Holzinger  Hot Lap..
Trying to figure out what gearing I want to run,, have gone with a 2:1 the past few and think that i can go one harder,, or if all the shifting stuff shows up go with a 9sp drive. 
I do know that a Wisco legend and member of the 612 mafia will be 
racing so that turn the race on it's ear,, just like the old days.
I will be cold and should be a good day to run the 
Twin Six thermal skin suit,, stitches and all. 

Working on one of these,,,
time for something new and something that I could race and or just spend some hours on riding up and down the bluffs and dirt roads in the area.  Lots of good things coming together  for this one. 
Until then i'll sit and do the old debate about how many inches is just right??

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rub On This

You know that feeling of being all dress up with no where to go?
That is how I felt as I pick my self up off the ground sunday at the last 
The motto of the team as we were all pretty much there was lets have a good race and just 
finish. Seemed like a simple plan.
Had to make some quick changes to get Hwood to the line as his rear hub blew up in warm ups,, and heckled the kid as she was standing on the side lines due to have mono,, and not that cool euro ski thing. 
The race got started around the the field and Justin took the lead with Paul on my wheel, as we got closer to the entry to the single track,,,which was a hard left hand turn, Justin pulled over to 
let Paul through and i jumped to get on his wheel just before the entry. Justin shut the door on me and
and I had nothing to do was hit the brakes or Tbone him,, next my wheels started to slide and had Justin sitting on top of me and the rest of the crowd trying to get on the one track. 
Once I got up and and ready to start moving I looked down to find my rear derailleur ripped off,, totally ripped off,,  the lower was gone and the upper was upside down and twisted in to the frame.
Game over and the day was done,, I walked over to the exit of the single track and waited to
see the one I had the issue with and blurted something NASCAR style. 
Watched the rest of the race and cheered on the team and other friends.
Pissed and let down on how things played out, and once I cooled down I was seeing thing a touch clearer.. But still pissed.   Wheel tweaked Hanger Bent,, brake lever broken, and all I got was this lousy t shit. 
This year was a great year it was a fast and strong year, learned a lot and still have a few hurdles to  clear,, Namely being a marked man,,,  Rubbing is racing and bumping will happen ,, Drafting happens,, team tactics and blocking not so good. 
Racing the Hollywood Cycles Team is a Privilege,, an Honor and one that I will fight for..
In the Words of the Boss Party ON!! 
Ride Fast Ride Hard and Ride with Pride!!