Saturday, October 27, 2012

Foaming at the Mouth

I feel bad for having the Pip out on her bike over the past week after getting the 
lab results back last night. Momma bear took the kid in to have her liver functions checked and to see how the mono is moving through her. News was not good still high and the doctor says no racing.. if she falls she could rupture her spleen and that would be bad. As it goes she has been feeling much better and was even riding strong in my eye I thought she had a good chance of winning at buck on her 32x19. This high school racing was just something to do nothing that she had to do to get noticed, I just feel bad for her I know she is bummed.... But this kid has so much more coming her way now that she is going to be racing as a Red Hawk.
Regardless still loading up the SSCX bike and heading up to Taylor's Falls to give cross racing another shot.. The kid is going to come along to ring the cow bell and see if her old man can go fast. 
The Boss has a new set of Vittora Tires for me and the King/Hed wheels are all set up and ready to go. Lots of driving for so little racing but well worth it,,getting to see some friendly faces and feel that bit of pain that will rattle my body.  So here is to miles of driving and time spent around bikes and bike friendly people,, and maybe just maybe a stop in at the FFF?

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