Sunday, October 14, 2012

Off'd' Racing

As weeks come and go by far the weekends are the best time. Not that this is a ground-breaking statement but the truth is everybody is working for the weekend. 
The whip has been getting cracked a ton at the salt mine,.,more more more is all they every want. 
The shorter day and extended work has been making it harder and harder to get out and and move.
Had the thought that I would head up to Portland East and do some cross racing with the Boss and crew,,, and then got the thought in my head that the last WORS race could be a good idea. 
Spent saturday getting the Spot ready for a war, put on some new fresh Geax tires with some new TnT Sealant. Cleaned up the drive train and bike and race bag was pack loaded and ready to go.
I knew that it was supposed to be moist as it rained off and on yesterday and today was supposed to be just windy with showers ending early,, Woke up to the sound of rain pounding the house and checked the radar and saw nothing but green and yellow on the way. Gave my ride a call and told him I was out then went back to bed.
Flash forward 8 hours I get a call from josh saying that the trail and race were nothing more than shit. 
Deep mud hard to pass streams, hard rain+ slop= a crappy day to race bikes,, not even racing I won.. my bike looks like this..

Ripon College Athletics
Now the weekend comes closer and closer to being done and not much to look forward to next weekend other than the weekend,,,no idea what the weather will be like and no races that I know of at least no mountain bike racing.  Time to get the Pip, back on the bike and healthy hoping that she can do the last MN High school race,, This virus she has had has kept her off the bike for over two weeks now. With all the kid has on the horizon time to get back to work..  Her team that she will be racing for next season is on their way here

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