Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finding It

Since the kid has not been cleared to race her bike we cut the weekends trip up to the cities short and only went up for the CX race on saturday.
This was only my second CX race of the fall and I think that I am still trying to feel my fitness out. 
I armed my self with the King/Hed wheels off my road bike and a fresh set of rubber.
The Red Barn is one that I have always wanted to do,, almost pancake flat with some tight turns and 
one evil run-up. Got a few warm up laps in with Barry checked out the small barrier that went straight up in to a small hill,,, which if your line was right you could just hop it and carry speed up and over the hump.   Staying warm was the hard part waiting for the race to start, so I did what I do best ran my mouth and jumped up and down as the young Bavers went on to win the 3 race. 
When it was our turn to line up I got a much better position and on the whistle I hit it hard.. off the front I had Tall Tom set the pace with me on his wheel trying to create some separation,, second lap I came around Tommy and told him to sit in,,,, I pushed it the rest of the second lap knowing that Brandon K and other were not to far behind.. At this point I decided to start working with Brandon and his teammate,, In hind site I should have stayed up front and just pushed it but did not want to do all the work in to the wind.   I was moving well and felt like I was flowing well,, With 4 to go a Freewheel rider on a onespeed joined us as we kept pushing up front,,dodging and weaving now through the women and the backend of our field. 1.5 to go another singleminded rider showed and that is when I heard the rubber band snap trying to latch on to the fresher surging legs. 
Across the line singles went 2,3,4,5, and I missed the podium by a few seconds.  But as a moral victory I went from 17 last week and getting my ass kicked to 5th and feeling   much better about my self on a CX bike.  Now I need to try to figure out next weekend so I can keep up the fitness and the fun.

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