Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shaking it

These short days are messing with me.. I start to feel the effects of the lack of hours and the lack of riding the lack of sun on my face. I spend my day driving around in some encoline ford going from broken convince machine to the next watching the dog days of summer slip by. 
I have been sticking with my routine of climbing up and through the quarry on the way to work and on most days go home the same way. Darkness is upon us and I know that I should have come home and got my stuff together and gone out for a sunset ride but the days of work have 
been long and motivation goes quick when you are hungry and there is beer in the fridge. 
Trying to get things lined up for next season,,,, a good number of hands that were shook at the Interbikes are back on board for next racing year just a few loose ends to tie up then I can start daydreaming of single track and races to come.  It may be time soon to switch up the work bench from bikes to skis.. But I am hoping that we are at least a few more weeks away from that.. 
Until then pushing through seasonal cycling depression.

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