Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rick Flair

I have spent the past few days getting back to my roots while I wait for stuff to show up. 
Stripped the Spot down to it's single version and have been logging some good miles to  and from work. I forgot how much a 34x18 can hurt going up the 30% grade of the quarry hill. 
The event of events is this coming Saturday up in ynoina .. The Holzinger  Hot Lap..
Trying to figure out what gearing I want to run,, have gone with a 2:1 the past few and think that i can go one harder,, or if all the shifting stuff shows up go with a 9sp drive. 
I do know that a Wisco legend and member of the 612 mafia will be 
racing so that turn the race on it's ear,, just like the old days.
I will be cold and should be a good day to run the 
Twin Six thermal skin suit,, stitches and all. 

Working on one of these,,,
time for something new and something that I could race and or just spend some hours on riding up and down the bluffs and dirt roads in the area.  Lots of good things coming together  for this one. 
Until then i'll sit and do the old debate about how many inches is just right??

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