Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sizzle Chest

Third year in a row of going to Winona for the 
This year was a cold and windy which is a change from the years past. 
I opted for the Twin Six Metal super suit which is all
warm and fuzzy on the inside. After a good warm up seeing the start and finish of the race I was ready to take my place in space. 
I got the honor of starting one minute a head of Jesse and when the clock started I spun out 
that 34x18 as I hit the single/double track. 
Looking down at my computer as the one minute mark went by I knew that it was going to be anytime when it happened.  I made the hard right turn off the road and on to the long single track climb,,,, I put in a nice smooth grove as I worked my way up the bluff,,,, 
Yes I have raced this three years in a row but for the life of me can't seem to remember where anything is.. 
Got to the top of the climb and out of the corner of my eye I could see the Creep coming,, as I went to let Jesse around I drifting a corner with way to much air in my tires I did a nice ground check. 
Back up and rolling I pushed on through the new section of trail that Kevin W had made as a FU to all the logs taken out of the HPT's,, Log after log after log the flow of the race was getting knocked around. 
Flashes of past years started to flood my mind as I got to the quarry,, and I knew that it was time 
to go down hill,,and again I had that gear of mine spun out.  Charging down the hill
I crossed the line in forth spot.. 
Three years three top 4's and a shit ton of fun..

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