Saturday, October 20, 2012


After a week of self-deportation and felling low and sorry for my self,
I made a last minute adjustment of attitude and got my CX bike as ready to go as I can.
Yes the season change and lack of light get me down,, but more than anything it is so hard
for this guy to stop racing cold turkey. All cx races are at least two hours away and most of the gear that I have is subpar for racing. Cross has been a category of cycling that I have had a hard time of putting a lot of money into. Back in Breck it was a quick drive to the front range for the racing and with family down there I could always find a place to crash. 
All that said I took the wheels off the kids cross bike since she has proper tires and did a quick BB swap as I found the one in there going bad. 
Threw it all together and rode it around the soccer pitch across the street and it felt good with the 44x19, a bit different of a gear that has been on when I am just playing and exploring. 
Todays race is being put in by two great sponsors Twin Six and Hed, both pioneering company's out of the 612.
All I can say we'll see,, the boss wants me to line of for the 1,2 race after the ss.. again we'll see.
Regardless this is going to hurt.. 

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