Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rub On This

You know that feeling of being all dress up with no where to go?
That is how I felt as I pick my self up off the ground sunday at the last 
The motto of the team as we were all pretty much there was lets have a good race and just 
finish. Seemed like a simple plan.
Had to make some quick changes to get Hwood to the line as his rear hub blew up in warm ups,, and heckled the kid as she was standing on the side lines due to have mono,, and not that cool euro ski thing. 
The race got started around the the field and Justin took the lead with Paul on my wheel, as we got closer to the entry to the single track,,,which was a hard left hand turn, Justin pulled over to 
let Paul through and i jumped to get on his wheel just before the entry. Justin shut the door on me and
and I had nothing to do was hit the brakes or Tbone him,, next my wheels started to slide and had Justin sitting on top of me and the rest of the crowd trying to get on the one track. 
Once I got up and and ready to start moving I looked down to find my rear derailleur ripped off,, totally ripped off,,  the lower was gone and the upper was upside down and twisted in to the frame.
Game over and the day was done,, I walked over to the exit of the single track and waited to
see the one I had the issue with and blurted something NASCAR style. 
Watched the rest of the race and cheered on the team and other friends.
Pissed and let down on how things played out, and once I cooled down I was seeing thing a touch clearer.. But still pissed.   Wheel tweaked Hanger Bent,, brake lever broken, and all I got was this lousy t shit. 
This year was a great year it was a fast and strong year, learned a lot and still have a few hurdles to  clear,, Namely being a marked man,,,  Rubbing is racing and bumping will happen ,, Drafting happens,, team tactics and blocking not so good. 
Racing the Hollywood Cycles Team is a Privilege,, an Honor and one that I will fight for..
In the Words of the Boss Party ON!! 
Ride Fast Ride Hard and Ride with Pride!! 

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