Monday, October 22, 2012

Bull Shifting

Pinned a number on again on saturday. Forgot how much the first 10 minutes of a 
cross race can be. 
Starting third row was going to be a challenge also,, not to mention that the 
SSCX races goes off with the master 3-4's. At the line close to 80+ riders, and all I could think was
keep the rubber side down..
Made it up the hill following Barry into the single track...around a field and the down some ski hill like switchbacks. Group was still a bit together when we hit the sandy run-up and was strung out by the flyover. With my awesome start position I watched the race up fold a head of me...I had a ton of fun  getting to rail the corners and descending the hills riding the skinny tires. 
Finished ok for not having raced as cross and no mass racing since Laddies Loppet. 
Photo TMB
Needless to say I want more and hope to make it back up to the 612 to do some racing this weekend. 

 Got to get back to where you were? Right??
So change the way you look at stuff ? 
Go faster?
 That was the idea for the ride sunday with the Pip.I changed things so she could see the trail a bit different.
Not sure the last time that I got out and rode bikes with the kid,, and since she is still coming off  a month log virus and needing to get back at it. She rode great strong and surprised
her self a few times with what it was she could and did ride.. Good job kid making that 32x19 work for you. 
It was a good time in the woods, leaving me wanting more and Pip thinking that she wants to line up with out a shifter.. 
A OnefUcKnInG SpeeDer She may Now be!

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