Monday, September 7, 2015

When At Home

I am with the family down in the Driftless,,, as we only have a few more daze left down here.
One week from tuesday we close on this home and then have a few days unit we can move into the new house in Woodbury.

Been super tough to be separated from the family the way that we have been,,
but being able to come home on the weekends and spend quality time with them helps me through my weeks.

Bowling,, Drinking Beer,, Playing on Sk8 toys and 
riding bikes are all the things that bring me back to normal..

I did get to take the boy out yesterday and test out his new to him 9 speed shifting set up..
He still gets a bit overwhelmed when riding up at the Human Powered Trails... but 
did like that fact when the trail gets hard that he could shift and life got better.
For me 
I was able to get out on the LaMere today and play on the Vista Trail...
I wanted more but time is at a premium
and I need to make sure that I am not gone for too long.   
Felt good to pedal up the hill,, 
not one of my fastest times but still not slow for not riding up anything like this in 
With a a few more hours of daylight this little family will make the most
out of it.

A session at the Sk8park with the boy some front porch sitting with 
the wife and 
soaking up the late summer sun..
Life is an adventure Grip it and Rip it.