Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trained Monkey

Laid out on monday,, not sure what happened all i know is that I woke up drank a cup of Joe and pulled my hood over my head and crawled back in to bed.. I do know that it was the first full day off the bike in at least a month or so. Cold,,,,,hot,,achy some kind of bug tried to have it's way with me and won. 
What pissed me off more than anything is that it was to be the start of a new blox on 
monday after a good solid off week,, even though I did hit it pretty hard on
the weekend. $500 or not saturday was a good day
of work and as I told Curt @Vittoria this was the winning tire.. 

So back to work yesterday as the region got ready for a nasty winter storm.. Except for her where it rained and rained and even more rain. It was a chilly ride home yesterday but I just envisioned training 
in northern europe. Muddy and wet I was smiling to be back on the bike 
after a full day off. Coach has me back on the lifting but more 
focused on dynamic movements and not so much on weight. Soon more emphasis will be put towards the 
bike it's self. 
Today is leap day and not sure how I feel about that more worked up about 
Davie Jones no longer being on Tera Firma,, so does this mean that he is now 
in a Locker in the bottom of the ocean.
I was way into this when I was young digging through my uncle's record collection..
Then I grew up and like This much better. 
If you have not been to you need to get your eyes over to
the Head Quarters of  the Twin Six crew and see---buy--lust after some
of the finest threads on the market.
And when you are done there you can go over to RKPand read about
why having a PMA is so darn important when riding a bike.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Metal Circus

Brats are on the grill and I am smiling from ear to ear. 
I am still a bit grumpy that
I did not get the 500 bucks from the race yesterday.. But it said that only fat bikes were in for the Bucks. 
In hindsight I think that I could have done the race on my single cross the way it 
sits now,,,,the snow that was there was rock hard,,and there was a lot of bike paths that
the 34x19 spun out on. 
All in all happy with the way my legs and body responded to the work that I asked it to do. 
And really look forward to the Time Trails that are held on the same trails 
come late April. 

Today was a nice slow start to the day,,, watched a lame bunch sprint in K-B-K and made a green chili cheese egg pie.. 
After looking and looking at the weather and the thought of a group ride at 2pm 
i was not sure if I would ride outside.. It was really blowing out today and 
with sustained winds of 20+ and gust of 30+ I almost
rode in the garage. I did skip the group ride just wanting to ride at my pace
and my route. Went south first in to the wind and up to the ridge top,, Rode in a make believe 
echelon with dreams and visions of some spring classic. By the time 
I turned and got the wind to my back things got fast, real fast. I got in to the drops of my new 3T bars and held on..   
All my worries about how my legs would feel flew out the window, 
happy with the February form. 
Tomorrow starts the next block as we get closer and closer to race season.. 
Yesterday helps build my confidence.  So much 
more to come and it will be Metal!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

WiNteR wIpEoUt

I had no intention of heading to Iowa today but after talking with the Boss it
sounded like it could be fun.. Not sure what to expect and if gear and bike would be right, but having been in the area on friday for work I knew that there was not to much snow. And with not too much snow I thought a  mountain bike would do well.... I did try to get my hands on a fat bike before leaving for the race but that did not happen. Again not knowing what to expect I left the 34x19 on and rolled the dice,, I  had heard that there would be lots of bike path sections and wondered if a bigger gear would help.. I am glad that I left it alone. 
Short drive and 10$ donation for the local trails I now only had to figure out what 
to wear,,,it was not warm.  Yes I was the only non fat bike and if you ask me the disadvantage of
my bike should have equaled the disadvantage of riding a fat bike,,,, That being said I did not qualify for the overall prize $500 bucks.. 
After the turn by turn directions we rolled out and hit the start line. We started heading up a 
fire road with a bit of snow cover. I headed to the front and waited to see what happened
so I leaned it to the pedals and speed up the hill,, at that point I was gone,,for what it is worth I would not see anyone else until the last mile or so.  I did 
listen to the directions but they sure made no sense to me.  Lots of bike paths with and with out snow,
and At times I had no idea of where I was going.,,,,,A team Polska rider behind me and Trevor O, chasing I was just trying to keep the pace high so Hwood  had some help up front. 
With no Idea of my gap and where the heck I was going I pushed on,, ripped the single track 
went sideways on some icy wooded single track and stood 
at many intersections and guessed the right direction.
Towards the end I was just spinning and grinning ,,, the Spot felt great to be on
and was handling all that got thrown at it. 
Stood and figured out where the end was and crossed the line,,,, not after riding trough some nasty nasty mud.. This mud made my wheels grow to at least 3.0 with but that still did not count. 
Team Polska crossed behind me 3 or so minutes later,,, Hwood made a wrong turn towards the end and slid out of the money.  Ended it with a 24oz highlife, and shared stories,,, Yep the 5bills would have
been sweet but it was a great day of riding and training.. My bike and body felt great,, and pretty sure that 
I could have done the same result with a fat bike.
Back to the road and back to work the season of racing will start or has it started,, lots to work on 
but so far so good.  Got a sweet pair of funny socks,,, and got to spend time with like minded cyclist.

Bike is almost clean,,, I  H8te mud...

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have a hard time taking a day off let a lone a week. Rest week here and other than some
commuting and a humpday ride been laying low. Coach said to enjoy the week stay 
away from the weights and no structured workouts.  Been driving me nuts,, that being said yesterdays ride was a good one. Busted up the bliss twice in the morning to burn off the evil 
thoughts of 
work and thinking that I would be there 4 ever I had no intention of 
spinning after work,,but I did.
In and out of shadows and at times in full sun,, which is recharging the soul.
Did not push it to hard or to hard for being on the 44x18,,,,going up hill makes you stand and deliver.
 Getting closer and closer everyday to the season opener and can't wait. It is a shame that the same weekend that mtb racing comes to Wisco 
we have a Omnium coming to our little town.
Would love to take part but I have big dreams of a good race at Iola. This was the venue that I first raced at shortly after moving from Colorado.
I had a lot to learn and learned it hard and fast,, been back many times since then and have had
some better days there.
Now just need to get trough the rest of the this down week and prepare for what is come. 
Down and dirty on the fat tires. Bring on the Light!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tired but satisfied ,, had a big block last week and this week I get to do some active recovery.
15+ hours of riding and gym work,, 250 miles and just over 9000 feet of climbing. 
Not bad for the mid of the second month of the year. Looking 
back over my three bikes that have been getting ridden I have just over 1250 miles on the year and most of them outside.  Received today the PC link for my Cateye Computer so I 
can keep better track of what is being done. I try to keep a written journal but forget and can be lazy so it does not get done. 
I have been very luck to be working with some of the best company's in the industry and 
getting to use and test some really unreal parts and components. 
After fighting trough some hot spots, my new Northwave shoes have started to be 
a game changer. Feet are happy and so much stiffer than shoes of old.

Finished the week off with a solid breakfast and weight work,,,then took the kid out for a tour. Like Tilford had said the other day this time of year fitness levels are all over the place and knowing this for me riding with the kid is a good day for some easy spinning and then pushing hard on the hills. Pip has been working really hard this season to be ready for the task at hand this spring. Working on getting her to spin more and draft when we are on some flat terrain. 
When it comes to hill climbing she does well
and I love seeing her power up through the steeps.
Rest has started and a great meal tonight has me sitting and smiling.. Need to get moving on 
my mountain bike so I can get my new MT8 brakes on their and work on completing that puzzle. 
Ready for spring and longer warmer day,,,, but for now happy with all that is getting done.
I fell the need for speed! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

It Burns

Knee deep in to another weekend,, they never seem to be as long as one would like but they are a great way to recharge the soul. 
I am at the end of a three week bock and coach has me on a recovery week tomorrow through 
next saturday. No weights for a week and then a new plan of attack as march rolls in and 
more time in the saddle will be had. 
Had a nice slow morning yesterday and once it was warm my goal was simple just some 
good tempo in the sun. I headed west to the land of 10,000 lakes not for frostbike or for the cutters ball no to go ride some nice 3 mile long hills.
It was sunny from edge to edge of the horizon in and out of warmth and chill as I slid through some beautiful coulees. Time on the bike is feeling good and all the work that has been put so far is paying off.  Made sure to find some gravel roads to change things up and get some mid ride fuel..
My ride topped out up on MN county #1 after climbing up Burns  Valley  Road.... it 
at times hit 23-24% and with the grit on the road your ass needed to stay in the saddle the whole time. 
The view from the top is a good one that if you try you can my house..
Going to take the kid out today get her bike off the trainer and out in to the 
world. Three hours is what I need to round out the week and 
get just over 15 hours...Trying to push toward the mythical 20+  hour mark.. Spring is coming and I want to be ready,, After the work last night in the garage I pretty sure that my bike is. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DesOlaTion Road

For what ever reason work has been slower than normal and we are even 
down one Tech who left the company ,, another was home with a sick child and another who is about to retire. So you would think that their would be enough work to keep me busy.. 
Well shitoutofluck. Not into looking for new work spent to much time learning this gig, so my track is ride the storm out. 
And ride is what I did. Left the job site and headed home to change bikes and shoes grab some 
fresh water and food. I had delusions of riding for 3+ hours, knowing that my
legs were going to hurt after last night in the torture chamber.
I was excited to get out and test some hills with my new Cateye Computer.
More computer than I have ever run on my handle bars and I am still learning all the 
functions. Right out the front door and up one of my favorite hills. Right at the 
bottom it is telling me inclines of 20%
up and around the corner to the long straight and it reads 22%.. Awesome.. Now I have been riding this hill for years, and it is not new news that the hill is steep,, but it was fun to see the numbers. And Cateye has on the way the dongle to connect wireless to my computer. More fun to be had. 
I also got to ride my new Northwave shoes outside for the first time,,, These are the same shoes that the Leapord team will be using this season. Stupid light and uber stiff,, the connection between my Look pedals and the new shoes is spot on. I was happy with the way all things were coming together. It was good day to be on the bike I did start to fell the pain in my legs towards the end but kept my belly nice and happy with some num nums from Honey Stinger.
All things in place and wheels spinning riding well riding all the bumpy road that I could find using all the winter freeze damage to help with the conditions that will be felt in the 105. 
Loving it,, Almost to the top of the last climb and I hear what sounds like a miss shift. Did not realize until I was down the bluff and almost home that I broke a non drive side spoke. 
Made it home smile on face.. need to go and find my mechanic and twist in a spoke. but all things considered a great ride just under 3000K of climbing and good miles for February.
Get up get out and Ride ON!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cycling StAteOfMiNd

Things get stuck in my head over and over,,, whether it is a riff of a song,,,,
a sign on the side of the road or the different color quick link in a 
chain,, I watch it go I repeat it in my head over and over. 
Some times it is good others I just want it to leave. 
Watching the light enter my day earlier and earlier. Change is happening and I get enough. 
Yes some times I feel like a Gringo.
Up coming is some of my favorite times of the year..... The spring comes and so do the Classics...
When  the tough guys line up for one day of punching each other in the throat. 
Some unreal backdrops and kickass racing. 
It is also the time of the year where layers are shed like molting lizards.
I am ready for the madness of March and the Long Strange Trips that it will bring.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Logging Roads

Winter relapse the past few days. Friday saw a 20 some degree temps swing and 
the ride home from work was just that work. Full head-to-wind
having to stand to make the bike go... We decided to go 
out for dinner with out Pip and, in hind site we shouldn't have. Our food came out cold and the waitress was clueless. I have given up complaining
like I used to when I worked in kitchens,, but when Anna started to get pissed
I had to say something.. Bad food was comped and that was that. 
I managed to pick up a bug either from work or something that someone has brought home. 
Not letting it slow me down, for the first time in a long time I rode indoors 
yesterday. Again with the wind and the cold temps I figured it was the best idea. 
 I got to try out my new Northwave Shoes and do some interval drills. 
Finished in a pool of perpetration and gobs of snot. 

A good meal of homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and some good rest  I was ready for some more. 
Have not been taking the geared road bike this time of year but with the snow 
all gone and roads dry and clear of most salt, thought that today would be a good day for that. 
Left the house with 18 air temps and 10 windchill and the goal was two hours of tempo 
with little to no climbing. Went north and west to Trempealeau and rode through the park and past one of my favorite summer hang outs.
Moving well and happy to be back outside
longing for some spring/summer temps and days of single track. 
Did I mention that it was cold... it
Took a long hot shower and layers of warm clothes to get feeling back in my extremity's
and a bottle of R4 and a can of beer and all was back to normal. 
Things are coming together I want and need more but also need to remember that it is only
February and burn out can come easy. 
Eat Sleep Ride..

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hump day was a hump,, again dealing with wondering why I deal 
with the world of work that i do. But that is where my two wheeled friend comes in to play. 
Riding to and from work every day has it's perks... First and foremost I get to 
be on my bike,,,which was a topic of conversation over at the DC headquarters.
Their are days that my wheels are just for here to their and other days work 
can get done.. And the latter is what I was after,, with climbing bliss
as many times as time would allow. 
Road is dry and coated in a white sheen of road salt. Every time a large truck goes 
by it kicks up enough salt to turn one's self into a salt lick. 
Last time heading up the steepest part i hear a noise and give it one more
turn when Pop... Explode chain ,, and with much discussion on the  FB of not being prepared 
I began to walk and scoot to the shop to do some fixing. 
The dream rig especially for this time of year would be one of these..
Not going to let it slow me down,, got chain fixed after a 20+ block walk and spun home.
More is coming as some of the first tests of the year get closer and closer. 
New products on the way, some super hubs that are going to get laced into Hed rims.  These are going to be the secret weapon for spring classics and training miles.  Now just need to deal with the back to normal winter temps... Get out ride your bike and smile...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Missing White

Their is an old book I used to read to Pip when she was a little girl. The story beat in to your head 
that this little child wanted More, More, More. 
That is how I have been feeling. Trying to put together as many hours as I can. Last week I mustered up a little over thirteen all out side all on the single cross. 
This has been one of the mildest winters since I have moved to wisco. 
I got out on the skis as much as I could until the snow went away. And now that it is gone I am ok with that. 
The weekend was good.... got out for three hours with the kid ,,,took her to the north out by the black river and then back up some hills to the house. We rode we talked,,, did some hard pushes. 
 We talked about one of her old teammates from Summit Jr Cycling that passed away last week. 
Tristan White.. This young man was a whip on the bike at a young age,,, he always wore a smile 
and always wanted more more more. He will be remember by Many and Missed by so many MORE. 
I wish his family peace and I hope they find better days. 
Sophia in her young age has lost to many friends and that is fire that is burning in her to 
not let life pass her by.. "life moves pretty and if you don't stop and look around you may miss it"

                                                                           Super Sunday was not as warm as we were hoping the kid went out to crush a anna loop, 
and I was out to get some more hills and spin out the coffee and weights that were hit 
earlier in the day.  I have been burning a hole in a loop that is getting done 2-3 time a week,,working the hills and watching the heart on my new CatEye.
Sometimes motivation is tough to come by,, lack of sun ,,, cold,, same roads,,, bla bla bla,,,
None of this matters what matters is getting the work done,, being outside and 
making my bike go.  More is better and harder makes faster. And before I know it the layers will come
off and spring will be here.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Strobe Light

So  happy to have that week of work over,, it just seems to get more and more stupid every week.. You would think that we were saving the world not fixing broken over priced appliances. Oh well I made this bed and now I take naps in it. As me and my beautiful wife always don't let your job define your life unless cycling is your job. 
Regardless it is saturday morning and the sun is up espresso is made and pancakes are in 
the skillet,,, time to figure what to ride and where to go. Got a chance to catch up with the one that i call coach and he approved of the work that has been done and gave me some direction for the next month. Using Toast as a guide and motivation I push on. So far this week has had a good blox of work with more on the way. No snow to get in the way of travel and temps that I can dress for. 
Yesterdays ride home over the bluff was good just chilly with the low clouds but I was warmed up 
when I got home to fresh Oatmeal Cranberry cookies. No thing says loving as warm from the oven. 
New Northwave products should be on the way soon along with rubber from the good folks at Vittoria.
Need to keep the gravel events coming up this spring. But for now all will be done on 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

SuCk U DrY

Winter comes and goes and lately it has been going more than coming. 
The snow is almost gone which means that it is time to put the skis away,,such a shame as it is only February. This all means that I need to clean the work bench get the ski tuning equipment put away and make more room for working on bikes. 
I had to do some of this last night,, when on my ride home from work I found the bearings in my convert totally seized. Not sure for how long they were like this but probably a good while. 
Bike had gotten so bad that front brakes were not returning due to grime on the posts. Lots of cleaning and grease was used and robbed some bearings from my unused skate skis. Even pulled out some new Salsa bar tape that the kid had won at some bike race last summer. New tape and a drive train that moves made the bike almost fell new. 
Back off to the work at had three sets of bliss climbs before work in some not
great weather. There was a fog that was so thick that it hurt to breath,,but I was burning cleaning. 
Just over 1150 feet of climbing before I headed to work. Thankful I was thinking 
before heading to work and packed a bottle of R4 and some extra food to 
fill the bottomless pit. Big snow is on its way to the 303 and supposed to blow to the south and not 
give us anything but good weekend weather to get more work done. Would love to see some long miles and far away places.