Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DesOlaTion Road

For what ever reason work has been slower than normal and we are even 
down one Tech who left the company ,, another was home with a sick child and another who is about to retire. So you would think that their would be enough work to keep me busy.. 
Well shitoutofluck. Not into looking for new work spent to much time learning this gig, so my track is ride the storm out. 
And ride is what I did. Left the job site and headed home to change bikes and shoes grab some 
fresh water and food. I had delusions of riding for 3+ hours, knowing that my
legs were going to hurt after last night in the torture chamber.
I was excited to get out and test some hills with my new Cateye Computer.
More computer than I have ever run on my handle bars and I am still learning all the 
functions. Right out the front door and up one of my favorite hills. Right at the 
bottom it is telling me inclines of 20%
up and around the corner to the long straight and it reads 22%.. Awesome.. Now I have been riding this hill for years, and it is not new news that the hill is steep,, but it was fun to see the numbers. And Cateye has on the way the dongle to connect wireless to my computer. More fun to be had. 
I also got to ride my new Northwave shoes outside for the first time,,, These are the same shoes that the Leapord team will be using this season. Stupid light and uber stiff,, the connection between my Look pedals and the new shoes is spot on. I was happy with the way all things were coming together. It was good day to be on the bike I did start to fell the pain in my legs towards the end but kept my belly nice and happy with some num nums from Honey Stinger.
All things in place and wheels spinning riding well riding all the bumpy road that I could find using all the winter freeze damage to help with the conditions that will be felt in the 105. 
Loving it,, Almost to the top of the last climb and I hear what sounds like a miss shift. Did not realize until I was down the bluff and almost home that I broke a non drive side spoke. 
Made it home smile on face.. need to go and find my mechanic and twist in a spoke. but all things considered a great ride just under 3000K of climbing and good miles for February.
Get up get out and Ride ON!!

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