Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Missing White

Their is an old book I used to read to Pip when she was a little girl. The story beat in to your head 
that this little child wanted More, More, More. 
That is how I have been feeling. Trying to put together as many hours as I can. Last week I mustered up a little over thirteen all out side all on the single cross. 
This has been one of the mildest winters since I have moved to wisco. 
I got out on the skis as much as I could until the snow went away. And now that it is gone I am ok with that. 
The weekend was good.... got out for three hours with the kid ,,,took her to the north out by the black river and then back up some hills to the house. We rode we talked,,, did some hard pushes. 
 We talked about one of her old teammates from Summit Jr Cycling that passed away last week. 
Tristan White.. This young man was a whip on the bike at a young age,,, he always wore a smile 
and always wanted more more more. He will be remember by Many and Missed by so many MORE. 
I wish his family peace and I hope they find better days. 
Sophia in her young age has lost to many friends and that is fire that is burning in her to 
not let life pass her by.. "life moves pretty and if you don't stop and look around you may miss it"

                                                                           Super Sunday was not as warm as we were hoping the kid went out to crush a anna loop, 
and I was out to get some more hills and spin out the coffee and weights that were hit 
earlier in the day.  I have been burning a hole in a loop that is getting done 2-3 time a week,,working the hills and watching the heart on my new CatEye.
Sometimes motivation is tough to come by,, lack of sun ,,, cold,, same roads,,, bla bla bla,,,
None of this matters what matters is getting the work done,, being outside and 
making my bike go.  More is better and harder makes faster. And before I know it the layers will come
off and spring will be here.

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