Sunday, February 26, 2012

Metal Circus

Brats are on the grill and I am smiling from ear to ear. 
I am still a bit grumpy that
I did not get the 500 bucks from the race yesterday.. But it said that only fat bikes were in for the Bucks. 
In hindsight I think that I could have done the race on my single cross the way it 
sits now,,,,the snow that was there was rock hard,,and there was a lot of bike paths that
the 34x19 spun out on. 
All in all happy with the way my legs and body responded to the work that I asked it to do. 
And really look forward to the Time Trails that are held on the same trails 
come late April. 

Today was a nice slow start to the day,,, watched a lame bunch sprint in K-B-K and made a green chili cheese egg pie.. 
After looking and looking at the weather and the thought of a group ride at 2pm 
i was not sure if I would ride outside.. It was really blowing out today and 
with sustained winds of 20+ and gust of 30+ I almost
rode in the garage. I did skip the group ride just wanting to ride at my pace
and my route. Went south first in to the wind and up to the ridge top,, Rode in a make believe 
echelon with dreams and visions of some spring classic. By the time 
I turned and got the wind to my back things got fast, real fast. I got in to the drops of my new 3T bars and held on..   
All my worries about how my legs would feel flew out the window, 
happy with the February form. 
Tomorrow starts the next block as we get closer and closer to race season.. 
Yesterday helps build my confidence.  So much 
more to come and it will be Metal!!!

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