Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trained Monkey

Laid out on monday,, not sure what happened all i know is that I woke up drank a cup of Joe and pulled my hood over my head and crawled back in to bed.. I do know that it was the first full day off the bike in at least a month or so. Cold,,,,,hot,,achy some kind of bug tried to have it's way with me and won. 
What pissed me off more than anything is that it was to be the start of a new blox on 
monday after a good solid off week,, even though I did hit it pretty hard on
the weekend. $500 or not saturday was a good day
of work and as I told Curt @Vittoria this was the winning tire.. 

So back to work yesterday as the region got ready for a nasty winter storm.. Except for her where it rained and rained and even more rain. It was a chilly ride home yesterday but I just envisioned training 
in northern europe. Muddy and wet I was smiling to be back on the bike 
after a full day off. Coach has me back on the lifting but more 
focused on dynamic movements and not so much on weight. Soon more emphasis will be put towards the 
bike it's self. 
Today is leap day and not sure how I feel about that more worked up about 
Davie Jones no longer being on Tera Firma,, so does this mean that he is now 
in a Locker in the bottom of the ocean.
I was way into this when I was young digging through my uncle's record collection..
Then I grew up and like This much better. 
If you have not been to you need to get your eyes over to
the Head Quarters of  the Twin Six crew and see---buy--lust after some
of the finest threads on the market.
And when you are done there you can go over to RKPand read about
why having a PMA is so darn important when riding a bike.

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