Saturday, February 4, 2012

Strobe Light

So  happy to have that week of work over,, it just seems to get more and more stupid every week.. You would think that we were saving the world not fixing broken over priced appliances. Oh well I made this bed and now I take naps in it. As me and my beautiful wife always don't let your job define your life unless cycling is your job. 
Regardless it is saturday morning and the sun is up espresso is made and pancakes are in 
the skillet,,, time to figure what to ride and where to go. Got a chance to catch up with the one that i call coach and he approved of the work that has been done and gave me some direction for the next month. Using Toast as a guide and motivation I push on. So far this week has had a good blox of work with more on the way. No snow to get in the way of travel and temps that I can dress for. 
Yesterdays ride home over the bluff was good just chilly with the low clouds but I was warmed up 
when I got home to fresh Oatmeal Cranberry cookies. No thing says loving as warm from the oven. 
New Northwave products should be on the way soon along with rubber from the good folks at Vittoria.
Need to keep the gravel events coming up this spring. But for now all will be done on 

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