Thursday, February 2, 2012

SuCk U DrY

Winter comes and goes and lately it has been going more than coming. 
The snow is almost gone which means that it is time to put the skis away,,such a shame as it is only February. This all means that I need to clean the work bench get the ski tuning equipment put away and make more room for working on bikes. 
I had to do some of this last night,, when on my ride home from work I found the bearings in my convert totally seized. Not sure for how long they were like this but probably a good while. 
Bike had gotten so bad that front brakes were not returning due to grime on the posts. Lots of cleaning and grease was used and robbed some bearings from my unused skate skis. Even pulled out some new Salsa bar tape that the kid had won at some bike race last summer. New tape and a drive train that moves made the bike almost fell new. 
Back off to the work at had three sets of bliss climbs before work in some not
great weather. There was a fog that was so thick that it hurt to breath,,but I was burning cleaning. 
Just over 1150 feet of climbing before I headed to work. Thankful I was thinking 
before heading to work and packed a bottle of R4 and some extra food to 
fill the bottomless pit. Big snow is on its way to the 303 and supposed to blow to the south and not 
give us anything but good weekend weather to get more work done. Would love to see some long miles and far away places.

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