Monday, January 30, 2012

Stop making sence

Funny thing about this time of year,, the temps can be 30+ maybe even 40 and it feels like a heat wave. With work being the way that it is I had enough time to get out and take
my clapped out Cross Bike out for a ride. 
With layers in my Ergon bag that were needed for the morning I 
was running pretty lightly dressed. 
Decided to push up the bliss road and to see how the legs felt 
after a weekend of skiing and moving heavy things. 
First time up can always be deceptive as the 44x18 can make 
you fell week on the first section of 8%.
After getting up to the Alpine I opted for heading back down and coming back up again. 
Road was wet not real wet just enough that my front wheel was spraying 
and I could taste the salt on my lips.  Second time felt better which only made me want another.
This time the gloves came off and I pushed on. 
After three times up and down and coated in salt it was time to 
head north and start playing the role of dad,.
Again on two wheels to get the boy with another bike in hand. Always turn heads 
of all the parents in cars, and of the helpers at the school.. 
I guess that I look pretty funny in my superman suit covered in road grit, with 
punk rock blaring out of my head phones. 
Monday is on and so is dinner.. time to eat...

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