Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long may you run

All fired up today to get after some LSD on the skis...
What slipped my mind was that last night instead of the snow we were supposed to get we got some kind of mixed bag of weather. Headed out to the golf course to get my start and almost 
died due to the ruts and foot prints. Quickly turned around to go to the wood to try and salvage 
the time on snow. Woods were a bit better but not great did a few repeats and then bagged it. Conditions were similar to ice skating,,, and not what I needed or wanted. 
So back home and a quick gear change and out two wheels. Chose the geared road bike to test out the new Cateye toy.. Lots of numbers at my fingertips now just need to figure out how to make them all work. Headed out to the Prairie to get some flat land riding in low and slow,, which was easily achieved with the stiff Prairie cross Wind. Felt good to be on the road even if my bike needs some love... The cassette is fried and the ceramic bearings in the bottom bracket are cooked. So now that I can hear out of both ears I just turned the music up louder and got the work done. 
 Tomorrow there is a 10k skate race up at SMU and not sure if I am sold on going.. Could be a good test of where my fitness is,, but with the conditions also don't want to waste time with   no-so-good 
snow.?? Will know more when I get out of bed in the morning.

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