Friday, January 13, 2012

Park It

The news had a story this morning that 
for once pertained to me. Last night the city board of Lacrosse was 
to vote on the Land that our local trails sit on. And yes the decided to make the 
area a park and not to turn it in to homes. A lot of people came to the plate and did a lot 
of hard work to make this a reality. What the board heard the other night when we all 
gathered at city hall, was that this is more than just land but a place for all 
people to go and get closer to nature. A place that the area could not do with out.

Some stuff showed up this week,, Pacific Health sent out a big supply of recovery items
as the training ramps up once again. Now I have all the before and after products to help me go farther and faster. 
A box from Magura show yesterday and that was full of New Brakes MT8 and a new brain bucket,
to replace the one that I crashed in on new years.  The other thing that show up
was snow and enough that we should be skiing by this evening.
Had a ton of fun riding the first few weeks of the new year but now I am ready to slip and slide.
It is friday so all smile and get ready for a football weekend.

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