Thursday, January 26, 2012

i against i

Keep stuck in ruts.. I try to steer clear of them and keep a 
PMA but at times I find that really hard. The constant flux of 
crap at work is enough to make a man go crazy. 
I have brought up the option of loading up 
the camper and heading to the desert and just going 
Not an option but makes for some good daydreams... in this daydream nation. 
Movement comes in waves Friday through Tuesday I had some really good skiing . Topped off 
a solid block of two planking with a night ski on tuesday. Not a huge fan of skiing with 
my bike helmet on but seeing as i can use my bright light it is worth it. 

The night in front of me glows with the dancing sparkles of all the new snow. 
I have made a few attempts to spend some time on the rollers... but seeing as
I have been skiing a bunch and still riding outside it is hard to stay motivated and un-board.
I need to be outside I need to be where the cactus grows.
Until I make it there I will keep my head down and eyes shut and 
plug through what could just be another post hump day.

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