Sunday, January 22, 2012


It has been one long sustained fire drill at work.. Need to stop daydreaming 
about doing something else for a living.. Hard to wrap my brain 
around the crap that slides down hill at that place. 
Thankfully their are bikes and I ride one to work and home 
no matter what the weather. This week was temps in the -20's and my logic normally is 
if I can make it through that the rest of the day should be nothing. 
The cold weather the snow has been making the commute seem more like
work than a nice pedal to the shop. Add the work being done with heavy things
I seem to be in a constant state of sore legs. 
Friday we saw a few fresh inches of powder which freshened up the 
the XC trails. The down side was the temps were below zero for my morning ski 
Between the fresh sharp snow and the wax that was on the skis movement was a bit hard. 
Still slogged trough it trying to make for good form. 
Goal for today is another few hours of slipping and sliding, and making the body hurt more and more. 
Should get some good help this week from the Cat Eye HQ. 
Terry has one of these coming my way.

As much as I am enjoying the winter silent sports I can not wait for the roads and single track to melt out.. I am ready to start getting after it. And getting ready for the gravel roads of MN in April. 
Enjoy the day and enjoy your self.


  1. Hard to believe the super bowl still hasn't happened yet. We will be hitting single track soon enough..... Get through February and then it's just a few wake-ups before trails start opening up...

  2. Hi Devin!
    Your blog is awesome. I would love to get into bicycling, especially since it's always warm where I live. How much is a good starter bike?

  3. Jerry,,

    I would head down to your local independent bike store and start there.. Decide what kind of riding you want to do and get started.