Thursday, January 5, 2012


Early January and I can't believe the weather,, I am scared that 
we are going to pay in the spring or summer we have to get moisture at some
point in time. Was able to double dip today,, set out this morning with the 
temps still around 20ish and lights on my head and seat post. ride and get an 
hour in before work,, headed to the bliss hill and gave it a two times try. 
Light went out on the first time up but I was ok with that as the sun was coming up 
in the eastern sky.  Still a bit tentative  on the down after my new years day crash. 
First time felt good second felt much better,,, pushing the 53x20 on the Lemond 
makes you wake up quick.. Been using Excel for the past year for help with 
recovery and to help fight free radicals which can cause soreness. 
It works still a bit sore but that comes from the early season work and the weight lifting. 
Work was slow and the sun was warming up the day so much that by the time
I left work it was up to 50 degrees,,, Back on the Lemond and back up 
Bliss this time heading north but only after heading south. Again taking it easy on the downs not wanting to recreate more carnage.... Good work spinning and grinning tasting the salt on my
lips as the bigger trucks drove by. Through West Salem and up Larson Hill,, now this hill can 
suck in the middle of summer on a bike with gears,, which made it hurt that much more today. 
Crossing the bluff I had Mike Watt in my ears driving me home. A little over 2.5 hours
in the saddle today fully unzipped and  not completely missing snow.  Lots of food was 
consumed and happiness was had,, How long will it last?? Not to be labeled a fair weather cyclist
riding in all conditions.. But for the start of the new year does not get much better than this.

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