Monday, January 2, 2012


Low key end to 2011 no party and bed before the fireworks. 
I am old lame and sleep is fun. Sunday was supposed to be 
cold and windy but I was not going to let that stop
the restart to the training program. 
It was time for my decapitated cross bike and at least an 
hour or so of new years work. 
Headed south thinking that climbing bliss and heading to 
the HPT's sounded like a good idea. Had a bit of wind at my back 
and was flying avoiding the ice on the paths and made great time up the bluff. 
The single track was slightly covered by snow and only a few tracks from
the big wheeled bikes that are all the rage. 
Good time and good movement,, bike handling the snow and the frozen ground so well.
As i stated my way home to watch the last game of the regular season,, I headed through
 the quarry making fresh tracks in the bits of snow on the double track. Coming up to the big ass hill i 
knew that things could get interesting and they did. I made it through the meat of the hill and 
had worked my way to the inside away form the ditch on the right side. 
Here is where things went awry. The snow that was giving me traction was gone and now it was 
double off-camber ice,,,,,, right as I thought this may be it BAM!!!
I hit the ground hard and landed on a bunch of old broken down bits of asphalt and rocks.
Did the quick check to make sure that nothing body was not broken and all parts were good.. Outer wear took 
a beating... Blown shoe covers knee warmers and beat up my Twin Six Skin Suit. Bike
slid down another 30 feet down the hill.. Shaken and cold I called home and asked to get picked 
up and now had to walk down the ice skating rink of a hill.
It took hours to get warmed up I was cold for hours and then slipped into what only could be 
consider concussion like symptoms.  I wrecked my self.. 
Now with an extra day off of work and licking my wounds I dream of better days to come. 
More riding and more training getting my self ready for another season of chasing the Dream. 
I had told my mom at christmas that i just want to quit my job and just ride my bike... "you know hang out and be a dude.." She did not get it.. maybe in another life. 
Big wheels will keep on moving ,,, I do need/want a new Cross bike but that is another rant another day.

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  1. Chickety check your self! Be safe up there in ice country.