Monday, January 9, 2012

Whole Shot

The weekend has come and gone and it is hard to believe it's true.
Had a fun weekend of bikes and watching bike racing. 
The boy and I went to Madtown on saturday to watch Hwood race CX for the 
Stars and Bars. 
Mud had frozen the tire tracks in to the ground,.,, had to find a safe place for the boy as I ran Hwoods pit.  Hollywood never need a bike swap and the boy had a blast in the tree. Running the Shimano
natural support was one of my old Mechanics from Breckenridge.. Had not seen 
Ryan since hanging out in the back of A Great Adventure.
Bikes got dirty and people were 
yelling at the top of their
Lot of fun was had,,
 even got to spend time in the Hed warming hut..

Sunday brought sun and warmth so warm that me and the Pip went and rode some bikes. We rode up at the HPT..the endangered section of woods that we will be meeting about tomorrow. 
Trails were good to be out on,, bike felt great and although I am supposed to be skiing the riding of
single track in january and it being warm is not bader. 
Even woke up this morning and rode the dirt some more.. 
Was surreal this morning with the full moon setting behind the bluff and the pink inky sun rise.

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