Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Got nothing on me

We went from riding Mountain sTyle bikes to slip sliding on skis in a matter of a few hours..
I was thinking about it this morning on the ride in that last week I was 
riding dirt to work and then home,,, this morning was just cold...

I was able to get out with the Pip, once in Hixon and once at Drugans. 
The ski in Hixon was good felt great to be back on skis. Sophia is really coming along and with some work she be flying all over the place. 
Sunday was just as good just not as long. We went up to Drugans and got a full lap in when some how the kid tipped over and broke the grip off her pole.
So not working to find either a set of poles or grips.. Damn Kids!!

So more time on the skinny sticks balanced with the heavy things and commuting with just maybe.......if some rollers,,,,,
Here is my bike after the commute yesterday... had some nice fresh tracks on the way in.. Way home was much worse and tricky at times. Tomorrow will be 
the coldest one yet. Heavy layers.. 
Bundle Up and stay warm...

Be a Sunshine Superman!

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