Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eleven Images

 This Year was a good year for my family to ride a bike,,, a lot of hard work and tons of great support help make it one hell of a year.  We Traveled and raced we Rode and we Won. We saw a million faces and rocked them all. If this was the year of Darkness Tomorrow starts the year of the Light. The Bringer Of Light,,, A Surge In the Right Direction.  It wont come easy as nothing here never does,, hard work and determination will make the Light shine even brighter. With Strong Family and the Best Products that the industry can offer we will launch into TwoTwelve and not stop until our Goals are met. With two wheels and clear mind we say good-bye to the year that went to 11 and bring in #12.....
Ride With Pride and PARTY ON !!!!

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