Friday, December 16, 2011


Yep still no snow,, as my skis gently weep over in the corner of the room.
Anna keeps telling me that means that I can ride my bike
and I smile and say I know....the change is just nice and don't get 
me wrong it is only the 16th of December and snow can 
fly at any time all the way up to May,,, But but but we hope that 
does not happen,,,this is not life at 9700 feet. 
I was able to find my self out after work riding the crackandfail 
short trip up the bluff and then down,,doing some recon to see if this weekend 
has some MTB riding in store. I could use it with the mental F*&k that has
been work this weekend. The ride was good legs were mad but I told them to shut up. 
Stopped and it looked like this, 

If you are in the 612 tomorrow you should check out 
Hollywood's Cross For Tots 
bring a toy and race some CX 
 Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the cyclist in you life??
Do you think that they have it all?? Walk on over to the Feedback Sports and
look at some of the stocking fillers..and if you Really want to impress that someone special you get them
one of these..
Can't go wrong with the Pro Elite Work stand. 

My stocking stuffer will be in the form of new brakes from the good folks at Magura .

Like I have said before I dream in two wheels, and can't wait for spring to come. 
Until then I will layer up and ride what I can when I can.  Dreams can be what you make them.
I am trying to make mine come true.

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